Programming jobs are in demand and the industry is booming with opportunities. You can have a long-lasting programming career if you work hard. While some say the industry is saturated, career opportunities are plentiful.

But not all coding jobs are equal. There is considerably more demand for some jobs than others. Knowing which jobs are in demand gives you a headstart on a successful programming career.

Since landing a programming gig can be tough, consider focusing on one of these fields to increase your chances of landing a coding job.

Here are 10 types of computer programming jobs that are in high demand.

Coding Jobs: Software Development

Software development is a massive field with plenty of career opportunities. When searching for a software developer job, keep an eye on these openings.

1. Software Engineer

Software engineers are responsible for developing full-scale applications. They are sharp coding minds who are comfortable with algorithms, structure, and design. Software engineers are in-demand thanks to numerous well-paying fields.

Finance programmers develop systems that drive the worlds’ financial markets. You can make a good living coding for enterprise firms that use older programming languages like COBOL. Since these languages are not prominent anymore you can demand a hefty salary if you’re savvy.

Of course, these are specific examples. There are thousands of jobs available! Software engineering jobs might use languages like C, C#, Python, Java, Ruby, and C++. On average, software engineers command a healthy salary

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2. Cloud Engineer

Cloud programming is the practice of developing and maintaining code used for cloud architecture. As a cloud engineer, you may have to design infrastructure or debug systems hosted on a remote server. This is a field that became critical when cloud servers became mainstream.

Cloud engineers should be comfortable with a service like Amazon Web Services (AWS) or Microsoft Azure. It’s a complex field, and commands a healthy wage as a result. It’s good to have experience with database, API, and DevOps development if you want to pursue this career.

3. Database Developer

Any software solution that involves data uses databases to store that information. Smart database design is necessary to optimize performance and make sure that data can be easily accessed by a program.

Databases are mission-critical for large scale apps, so dedicated database developers get hired.

If you decide to specialize in databases, you can work with two types of databases. Relational databases like SQL and MySQL often feature in enterprise businesses and are known for their stability. Non-relational databases like Mongo and NoSQL are more popular for serving data to web apps and mobile apps.

Coding Jobs: Artificial Intelligence

Programming artificial intelligence is one of the highest paying coding careers you can find. There’s a robust job market, companies in need of talent, and a high barrier for entry. If you’re passionate about creating the future of software this may be the career for you.

4. Machine Learning Engineer

Curious about CAPTCHAS? Wonder how Amazon seems to know the right products to suggest when you’re shopping? The programming behind these smart services is machine learning.

Machine learning is a category of artificial intelligence

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that provides systems with algorithms that they can use to learn information without being coded. Machine learning engineers write code that feeds data into computers to allow them to predict outcomes based on data.

These engineers will manage the data as well as the programs. It’s an exciting field with new innovations. Companies like Amazon, Apple, and IBM are using machine learning to create advanced technologies. You’ll need advanced education to be a machine learning engineer, but the skills are coveted.

5. Deep Learning Engineer

Deep learning is a very advanced form of machine learning. This field of coding produces technologies like facial recognition software, self-driving cars, and speech recognition programs like Siri. It uses a significant volume of data to build programs called neural networks, which gives computers the power to make decisions.

This form of artificial intelligence is the next step up from machine learning, so you can expect a higher salary.

6. Data Scientist

If you’re naturally analytical, organized, and stats-driven you may enjoy data science.

Data scientists are responsible for managing incredible volumes of data, and making determinations based on this data.

Data scientists are as skilled at programming as they are statistics. It’s a field driven by math, so understand this before you begin pursuing this career. Data science uses languages like R, Python, and SAS to engineer solutions.

Mobile Development

7. Mobile Developer

You’ve probably got a smartphone; you might even have more than one. Whether you have an Android device or an Apple product there are apps, games, and operating systems that need programming. Mobile developers are in high demand to fulfill this need.

There are plenty of paths you can take if you choose this coding career. You can code for Android or iOS. You can write productivity apps, games, or code for operating systems. The popularity of tablets has increased the need for programmers who can code in these mobile formats. Mobile developers code apps in Java for Android and Swift for iOS.

Coding Jobs: Web Development

8. Front End Developer

PHP code example for web programming jobs

A front-end developer brings web apps to life. These coders implement the look of a web app and the functionality that makes it dynamic. Front End Developers are masters of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. If you enjoy building gorgeous web apps that are easy to use, you will enjoy this type of programming.

Front End Devs are in-demand thanks to the sheer volume of web apps that are a part of day-to-day life. There is no sign of slowing down, so there are plenty of jobs to pursue.

A veteran front-end developer is comfortable with frameworks like ReactJS, can manage version control, and can use content management systems (CMS) like WordPress.

9. Back End Developer

A back-end developer deals with the logic and data of a web app. The design, layout, and interactive features on a web app are coded by front-end programmers. Back-end developers are concerned with how a web app interacts with a server, and how the information gets loaded by the app. It’s the technical side of web development.

Every web app needs someone capable of scripting the server code.

Common languages and frameworks include PHP (Laravel), Python (Django), JavaScript (Node.js), and Ruby (Ruby on Rails). Developers can get caught up in choosing front-end vs. back-end development

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, so be sure to do research to help you make the right choice.

10. UX Developer

Some apps are so clunky and frustrating that they tire you out. Chances are you wouldn’t use such an app again if you had another option. User Experience (UX) developers solve this problem.

A UX developer is a programmer who manages how apps functionally work. It’s a job that requires analytical thinking as well as creative passion. You have to understand how someone might interact with the app, not just how to code an app.

UX developers need to be fluent in HTML, CSS, and JavaScript just like a front-end developer. You should be proficient with wireframing tools, and design tools like Adobe Illustrator. If you have a background in web design or front-end development you’re ahead of the curve.

Jumpstart Your Programming Career

These 10 programming jobs are in high demand and give you unlimited potential if you put the work in. If any of these jobs immediately piqued your interest you should look deeper into it. Personal interest can help motivate you to become an expert in a coding field.

Once you’ve built a portfolio in any of these paths you’re on your way to becoming a career programmer. You can sharpen your skills with some coding challenges that can ultimately lead to jobs

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. Major companies will want to see your portfolio of projects before, or during, a job interview. Give yourself a leg up with a professional portfolio, and land the programming career you’ve always wanted.

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