Google Tasks is a popular tool for managing to-dos. From work tasks to school projects to chores at home, you can easily track everything on your plate. So having a simple way to access Google Tasks is essential for keeping up.

Here we’ll show you all the ways you can access Google Tasks. Whether in a browser, on your desktop, or from your mobile device, your list of to-dos will never be far away.

Google Tasks on the Web

Google has a great way of connecting the apps they offer. This lets you see your Google Tasks while emailing in Gmail or checking events on Google Calendar.

1. Google Tasks in Gmail and Google Calendar

Google Tasks Gmail-Web

Head over to Gmail or your Google Calendar online and sign in. On the right side, you’ll see a Google Tasks button that opens the sidebar.

Use the dropdown menu at the top to switch between lists or create a new one. You can also change the order of your lists within that dropdown. Select one and then drag it where you’d like it on the list.

For a new to-do, click Add a Task and then hit the Pencil icon to enter notes, include a due date and time, add subtasks, or rename the task. You can also create a repeating task by selecting Add date/time and then clicking Repeat. This lets you have the task recur daily, weekly, monthly, or even yearly.

To delete a task, click the Pencil icon for it and then the Trash Can icon to remove it.

With the More button (three dots) at the top, you can sort tasks, rename or delete a list, or check out handy keyboard shortcuts. Click the X on the top right of the sidebar to close Google Tasks and return to your work in Gmail or Google Calendar.

Tip: You can put your Google Tasks right onto your Google Calendar! Check the box for Tasks under My calendars in the left-hand sidebar. Take a look at more tips like this for using Google Calendar and Google Tasks together.

Google Tasks in Your Browser

Browser extensions can make accessing tools you need a breeze. Although you won’t find a Google Tasks add-on for all browsers, here are terrific ones for Google Chrome and Firefox.

2. Full Screen for Google Tasks for Chrome

Full Screen For Google Tasks-Chrome

With the click of a button in your toolbar, Google Tasks opens in a new tab, in full view. You have your lists along the left side with the tasks for each to the right. You can add a new list or task with the plus sign button in that section and create subtasks with the Options button (three dots) next to a task.

Click the Settings button (gear icon) on the top right to change from Tab mode to Window or Pinned mode. Select Advanced Settings and you can choose your list order and enable dark mode. In addition, you can enable options to allow deleting of unfinished tasks and rename lists by clicking the header.

Download: Full Screen for Google Tasks (Free)

3. Better Google Tasks for Firefox

Better Google Tasks-Firefox

Better Google Tasks for Firefox opens Google Calendar and the Google Tasks sidebar all at once. So although it isn’t a unique tool for Google Tasks, it does cut out the steps of having to go to Google Calendar, sign in, and open the Google Tasks sidebar. Just click the button and manage your to-dos.

Download: Better Google Tasks (Free)

If you’re a Keep user too, check out these Chrome and Firefox extensions for Google Keep.

Google Tasks on Your Desktop

Prefer to put Google Tasks on your desktop? If you have a Windows PC or Mac, you can use an app called gTasks to take care of business.

4. gTasks

gTasks App Google Tasks-Mac

With gTasks, you can quickly access and sync your lists and to-dos with Google Tasks. You have filters to spot tasks for today, tomorrow, or the upcoming week. With a click, you can also see those with no due dates or every task you have.

Your lists are along the left side and once you pick one, you can sort the to-dos within it manually, by date or priority, or by title using the dropdown at the top.

When you create a new task, you can choose the priority, add a due date, set an alert, include a note, pick the list, and add a subtask. You can also edit existing tasks with these details.

Connect another account and switch between them easily, view your completed tasks, use the search to find something in particular, or print a list to post for others in your home or office.

Download: gTasks for Windows (Free, in-app purchase available)

Download: gTasks for Mac (Free) | gTasks Pro ($5.99)

Google Tasks on Your Mobile Device

For keeping up with your to-dos no matter where you go, Google offers an official Google Tasks app for both Android and iOS. And it works the same on each device.

5. Google Tasks

The Google Tasks mobile app is awesome for keeping up on-the-go. Tap the Lists button (three lines) on the bottom left to view your lists or create a new one. To remove or rename a list, tap the three dots on the bottom right.

If you select a task, you can make edits like adding details, due date and time, and subtasks. You can also add these items to new tasks in addition to creating repeating to-dos.

Tap to mark a task complete and then expand or collapse the Completed section at the bottom to see what you’ve accomplished.

You can also switch between Google Tasks for your Google accounts. Tap the Lists button on the bottom left and then the arrow next to your account name. Choose a different Google account or add another.

Download: Google Tasks for Android | iOS (Free)

Google Tasks at Your Fingertips

As you can see, your Google Tasks are easily accessible on any device. Whether a desktop or mobile app, browser extension, or website, you can track each task, every day. And remember to take advantage of those handy Google Task features for adding due dates, creating repeating to-dos, and breaking down big tasks into subtasks!

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