For a new way to have some fun, why not try playing pranks on friends using Android apps? In addition to their comedic effects, some of these prank apps can actually prove useful as well.

Let’s have a look at some Android prank ideas you can play on your friends, and the apps that make them possible.

1. WhatsMock

WhatsMock is a customizable fake chat app that mimics the real WhatsApp. Its sleek interface gives you easy control over how your unsuspecting friends see your prank chat.

The app’s name appears on your chat for legal reasons, and it doesn’t go away even if you purchase the pro version. However, that brand name is small enough that it’s not easily noticed—especially when you toggle on its dark mode. For extra stealth, you can edit out the brand name with an image editor before sending out a screenshot of your fake chat.

You even get to customize the encryption text on a new chat; and if you like, you can set it to the default WhatsApp encryption text. Your ability to prank your friends with fake statuses, as well as fake scheduled or instant WhatsApp voice and video calls make this a perfect way to pull some stunts with your Android device.

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With the changeable app name on the home screen, faking the WhatsApp interface has never been so real. So go ahead and start your imaginary chat, control the conversation, take a screenshot, and share it with your friends to see their reactions.

Download: WhatsMock (Free) | WhatsMock Pro ($3.99)

2. Lie Detector Prank

Here’s a phony Android version of lie detection algorithms. While some lie detector prank apps require the presence of your friends to enjoy the fun, this one doesn’t necessarily need anyone around.

This makes it one of the best pranks to play, especially if you’re having a stressful day. To use it, you only need to scan the face of your friend while asking them something. If the other person isn’t physically present, they can send their current facial expression over social media chat.

The trick is that by pressing the volume buttons of your Android device, you get to control the outcome of the scan. Combined with sharing the results over social media, playing pranks with a “lie detector” over chat becomes hilarious. The sound that comes with the app adds to its whimsical effect, too.

Download: Lie Detector Face Test Simulator Prank (Free, in-app purchase available)

3. Broken Screen Prank

A cracked screen is a terrifying sight to any smartphone owner. So to startle your friends, a broken screen prank is a great fit.

Although the Broken Screen Prank app features both crack and fire screen options, the crack options stand out. These have effects you can choose from to reflect the severity of the “damage.”

These options, especially the ink-on-the-screen effect, will look dreadful to anyone who cherishes their device’s screen. You can also select whether to apply the crack when you touch the screen or shake your phone.

Download: Broken Screen Prank (Free)

4. Stun Gun Simulator

While the Stun Gun Simulator prank app obviously doesn’t shock people, it still replicates the look and sound output of a real stun gun. This makes it an effective prank to play on anyone, since they surely don’t want to get stunned.

The simple interface of the app lets you choose the effect you want. When you long-press the huge stun gun image, it gives your phone an electrocuting sound that syncs together with your phone’s flashlight.

Download: Stun Gun Simulator (Free)

5. Fake Call Prank

The Fake Call Prank app has many features that make it one of the most misleading call pranks available. If you’ve been in situations where you need to make a life-saving call, installing a fake call prank app on your device can actually prove useful, too.

When you open the app, the Caller option lets you customize the name and number of the person “calling” you. You can also place an instant call in dire situations. However, a smarter way of playing your prank is to schedule a call with the Schedule option. Although the time frames aren’t too flexible, you can still set the timing without your friends suspecting a deliberate act.

The Voice option lets you record a note to use during a call. And you get to choose a default ringtone or select from your music gallery to make it seem more realistic.

Fake Call Prank simulates the exact call interface by giving you the option to either take or reject a call. And when you do take a call, the timer reads just like that of a real phone call.

Download: Fake Call Prank (Free)

6. Voice Changer

The voice-changing effect of this app makes it immediately clear that it’s a prank, but that’s part of the fun. Its homepage features options that let you record audio or open an existing audio file from your device.

With all the sound profiles to choose from, you can tweak your voice to some goofy tones. All you need to do after choosing or recording your audio is select from the various sound types available.

Once you find a preferred sound, you have the option to save and share it with friends on any social media platform you like. And the Saved audios option on the home screen gives you access to existing voice note, too.

Download: Voice Changer (Free)

7. Ghost in Photo Prank

The Ghost in Photo Prank app is a great way to have some fun around Halloween. It has a 3D effect to give the atmosphere of the captured photo a scary look.

The camera interface lets you select multiple ghost stickers for a single photo and place them wherever you like. You also get to either take a photo instantly or choose from existing ones. The home screen of the app has many options you can play around with—the ghost options are a great way to start.

When displaying a ghost in the room, the 3D effect of the characters blends well with the background. And you can also switch the stickers to a cartoon ghost mode if you like.

Download: Ghost in Photo Prank (Free)

8. Hair Clipper Prank

Nobody wants an unexpected haircut, especially from a novice barber. Hair Clipper Prank use sound and vibration effects for a realistic feel when you toggle on the clipper switch.

When you click on the Play button on its home screen, a huge image with the switch appears. Toggle on or off the switch and sneak in on your friends to make them think you’re cutting their hair—though of course the app doesn’t do that.

The music logo at the top-right corner of the page lets you switch the clipper sound as well.

Download: Hair Clipper Prank (Free, in-app purchases available)

9. Fight Editor

The Fight Editor app is a perfect option if you want to take your prank to a higher level. It allows you to fake an injury from an accident or fight.

The app interface lets you choose a photo from your gallery or take a new one. After that, the editor features a varying degree of injury effects you can apply. And the stickers look so real that they’ll shock anyone who sees them.

After editing your photo to look exactly how you want, you can then share it with friends via social media to freak them out. Come up with a story about your fight for maximum results!

Download: Fight Editor (Free)

Android Pranks Bring a Bit of Fun

While most prank apps are pretty simple, they’re a great way to have fun and catch your friends off-guard. Some of them might come in handy for reasons other than pranks, too, so they’re handy to keep around.

If you love pranks, you’ll be happy to know that Android isn’t the only place for them. There are lots of prank apps and sites for other platforms, too.

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