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Sites and Apps Where to Stream Live Music Concerts 

Here’s Where to Find Live Music Concerts Streams 

A list of Live Concert Streaming Platforms 

As working and socializing turn to the digital experience for survival, live music does too. Live music shows are now streaming through various sites and apps you can access from anywhere.

Some sites will feel like a virtual replacement of the real thing, requiring a one-time ticket purchase for a one-time-only live streaming concert.

The experiences surrounding a live concert can happen from your home. Don’t pinch yourself– this is the world we live in today.

For your enjoyment and Friday nights here’s a list of live concert streaming platforms and what to expect from them.


Since so many people work and play online, it’s no surprise that live music has made the jump to digital as well. Live music shows now stream through various sites and apps that you can access from anywhere.

Some sites feel like a virtual replacement of the real experience, requiring you to purchase a ticket for a one-time-only live streaming concert. Other shows are rewatchable after the event itself ends.

Let’s take a look at some of the ways to watch live concerts online and what to expect from them.

LiveXLive events page

LiveXLive is a music streaming platform that sells tickets to live music events. The genre variety on offer is quite wide, so you’re sure to find something you like. The app streams live concerts from artists across genres and languages, featuring star power like Pitbull and Wonho.

Ticket prices vary, much like they would at any music venue. They include VIP options with perks like access to video playback for a limited time, merchandise, and virtual meet and greets with performers.

Download: LiveXLive for Android | iOS | Roku | Samsung Smart TVs (Free, in-app purchases available)

Stageit online platform

StageIt offers live music concert viewings that are not recorded or replayed anywhere else after the show. This site started as a place where smaller artists could share their music; it has now grown to feature more famous musicians looking to connect with fans virtually.

Each show requires a ticket purchase or donation. Prices are set by the artist and can be as low as a few dollars, or even use a “pay what you can” model. The web platform allows fans to interact with each other and the performers during the show. It also encourages viewers to tip musicians directly during the show.

In all, StageIt is an excellent outlet to keep supporting musicians, even if you can’t see them live.

Twitch Music Vertical

Initially geared up for the gaming world, this live-streaming platform now caters to musicians and music lovers, with 3.7 million people following music-focused channels.

In addition to thousands of self-streaming independent artists, Twitch now hosts live music festivals. This was its first big move within the music industry.

Beyond that, it’s a great place to explore all sorts of spots that stream content. Find someone playing a neat instrument, or discover a new favorite indie band. You can join in via paid subscriptions and donations, or watch for free.

Download: Twitch for Android | iOS | macOS | Windows (Free, in-app purchases available)

AXS Live Concert Streaming

This marketing platform for sports and entertainment has also explored live streaming music concerts. The site now offers access to a hefty library of virtual live music shows featuring music for all with affordable ticket prices.

Some shows offer you free access through credit card perks and other loopholes. But for most people, prices are set at $10-15 per ticket. This isn’t a bad deal for enjoying a live concert from your living room with singers like Alicia Keys.

Download: AXS for Android | iOS (Free, in-app purchases available)

YouTube app on phone

YouTube is a medium for everything from huge streaming festivals like Coachella to smaller independent concerts. It only feels natural for musicians and music channels to connect directly with their subscribers live on YouTube more often.

YouTube has featured self-taped live shows from Questlove, David Guetta, and The Dropkick Murphys, among many others.

YouTube is a great place to stay on the lookout for the next live music session. It’s simple to use and accessible pretty much anywhere. Following up on music news and subscribing to artist accounts makes saving the date for their next private music session easy.

Download: YouTube for Android | iOS (Free, subscription available)

Facebook app on phone

Regardless of how much you still use Facebook, live streams are alive and well on the platform thanks to Facebook Live. Facebook dominates the social world when it comes to artists and publications streaming live music concerts.

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A perk of watching concerts live on Facebook is that you can often find festivals hosted by organizations that feature several artists in one sitting. The interface allows for live interactions, which is vital for creating an audience-driven experience, even if it’s virtual.

It also allows for local and mainstream music events to share the same stage. You can watch your favorite hometown musicians or big festivals with A-listers from pretty much any screen. For example, one of the live shows featured on Facebook was Stronger Than You Think, featuring Kelly Osbourne and Adam Lambert.

Download: Facebook for Android | iOS (Free)

Instagram Live in Chrome

Spur-of-the-moment notifications about concerts on Instagram Live can leave you with the feeling of getting to attend an exclusive mini-concert. Nowadays, though, artists announce and promote these ahead of time, so they’re tougher to miss out on.

A-listers like HER, Katy Perry, and 21 Savage are taking to the small camera icon to share concerts from their living rooms and studios. The best way to avoid missing music shows you want to watch is to follow individual pages to keep up with their virtual tour dates.

Download: Instagram for Android | iOS (Free)

Twitter Live Streaming

Event retailers and labels have turned to Twitter Live for music sessions featuring different artists and music events. Independent artists and DJs have also popularized Twitter for live streaming their sessions.

A benefit of using Twitter Live is that anyone from Periscope can join and comment on your live session. If you are looking for live music streams, some good accounts to follow are @LiveNation and @MTV.

Download: Twitter for Android | iOS (Free)

Periscope live music

Periscope has been around on iOS and Android for some time. It’s essentially the same as Twitter Live, but lives on a different app.

The app has hosted over 200 million broadcasts, so you’re sure to find some concerts among them.

Larger brands will most likely go to Twitter when streaming to tap into their following. But it’s good to know that if you’re not on Twitter, you can watch from Periscope to enjoy any music concert happening on Twitter, and vice-versa.

Download: Periscope for Android | iOS (Free, in-app purchases available)

Save the Date and Enjoy Concerts Online

Thanks to these apps and sites, it’s easier than ever to stream live concerts online. And both artists and fans have benefitted from this option. So why not head online, explore your options, and find the right platform for your personal music tastes.

And don’t forget that concerts aren’t the only type of live content available online.

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