There has never been a better time to start a podcast. With many countries in lockdown due to the spread of COVID-19, recording a podcast is a more productive use of your time than watching Netflix 24/7. And Anchor wants to help you get started podcasting.

Everyone either already has a podcast, or has ambitions to start one. However, talking into a microphone by yourself isn’t as much fun as chatting with friends. Which is where Anchor’s Record With Friends 2.0 comes in, making remote podcasting a breeze.

How to Use Record With Friends 2.0

Anchor, an all-in-one platform for podcasters owned by Spotify, details Record With Friends 2.0 in a Medium post. The company explains that it’s “making it easier to record your conversations with anyone, wherever they are in the world, from any device.”

It’s doing this with Record With Friends 2.0, which, as the name suggests, is an improvement over its previous remote podcasting functionality. Although currently in beta, Record With Friends 2.0 is free to use and available globally.

All you need to do is start recording a podcast using the Anchor app. Then tap “Invite friends to join.” You can invite up to four other people to record with you by sending an invite link. That will open either in the Anchor app, or their default browser.

The host needs to be using the Anchor app and have an Anchor account. However, unlike the previous version of Record With Friends, the guests don’t need to have either, making it easier than ever to record a podcast with your friends.

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All of my favorite podcasts feature people talking to each other. There’s something more appealing about listening into a conversation than listening to a monologue. So if you have previously recorded alone, Record With Friends 2.0 could be a Godsend.

Whether you choose to use Anchor or not, you should give podcasting a try. If you have an original idea and a voice people want to listen to, there’s no reason not to start a podcast. And once you get established, you can buy the best podcast equipment

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