The AOSO S3 robot vacuum does a great job whether doing routine clean-up or getting at those tough to reach places. If you’re willing to set it up for success, it’ll prove an invaluable time saver.

Key Features

  • 166° Wide Angle Camera for Smart Visual Navigation
  • 2000Pa Suction at 3 Levels (Low, Medium, and High)
  • Remote Control and App Dual Operation
  • Multiple Cleaning Modes

  • Weight: 7.98 pounds
  • Collection Capacity: Unspecified
  • Wattage: 30W
  • Filters: Sponge

  • Calls Out Its Location via Voice Reply
  • Easy to Clean
  • Great Spot and Edge Cleaning
  • Manual and Automatic Controls
  • Plenty of Audio and Visual Cues
  • Adjusts Suction for Carpets
  • Low 3.0″ Profile Body

  • No Mopping Feature
  • Weird Pathing Glitches
  • Light-Sensitive
  • Requires 2.4 Ghz Wi-Fi to Pair Device

Robot vacuums help take on an important load for people. However, they’re often considered a luxury, and their value is undersold.

The AOSO S3 robot vacuum challenges this by offering a budget-friendly vacuum meant to last. While not perfect, it’s tailored cleaning simplicity and choice makes it an attractive option.

Unboxing The AOSO S3 Robovac

Upon opening the box, you’ll notice the AOSO S3 robot vacuum snuggly placed atop everything. After removing the not quite eight-pound vacuum, the remaining pieces and support tools are as follows:

  • Charging Dock
  • Sponge Filter
  • Remote Control
  • 2 AAA batteries
  • 2 Side Brushes
  • AC Power Adapter
  • Screwdriver
  • Cleaning Tool

AOSO box contents

Setting Up Your Charging Dock

Before running your first cleaning routine, you need to plot out a place for the charging dock. Since the AOSO S3 functions around mapping your home, establishing a long-term spot early on makes its learning and return charging pattern much easier.

To further smooth out this process, there are a few criteria to meet. Generally, it’s advised to place it against the wall on a hard and level surface. You’ll also want to utilize a higher wall outlet since if the power adapter cord is left on the floor, it’s both an obstacle for pathing and an easy target for getting tangled.

AOSO charging dock

If you want to reduce issues further, remove any objects within three feet of the charger’s left and right side. Also, keep six feet of space in front of the charger open. This allows the vacuum to have a clear path when it returns to charge either automatically or by your command.

Managing the First Cleaning and Initial Mapping

AOSO camera buttons

While the AOSO S3 does have its own visual navigation system, you want to set the vacuum up for success while it’s mapping your home. This primarily entails moving any small objects from the floor. Otherwise, you may find your vacuum dragging things along or getting stuck on various objects.

During this stage, you’ll be most likely to run into general pathing bugs. These were never triggered by floor type; they instead were mostly caused by the room’s furnishings.

For instance, I witnessed the AOSO remap my kitchen several times. During this, it navigated a maze of chairs placed under a long dining room table. I thought for sure it’d get stuck during its repeat visits in tight, narrow places; it always emerged without issue.

I also heard the vacuum voice for assistance more than once as it tried to map into an adjacent room that required a step-down. After falling thrice, I blocked off the section; it continued mapping normally.

Overall, the initial mapping can prove a little odd. Still, with a small amount of robot handholding, your vacuum can master it’s cleaning path.

What Are The Cleaning Modes?

There are four cleaning modes to the AOSO S3:

  • Auto Cleaning – A mode that cleans rooms in a pattern and adjusts routes according to the situation.
  • Spot Cleaning – A mode that cleans a specific area in a spiral pattern.
  • Edge Cleaning – A mode that cleans along walls and around furniture legs.
  • Scheduled Cleaning – A scheduled cleaning time. It will work in Auto Cleaning mode.

By design, each mode is easy to jump between. So at any time during the present mode, you can pause the AOSO S3. Afterward, you can swap to another mode to either finish up a room or get a specific spot.

As a note, some modes such as edge cleaning are completed faster than auto cleaning. So you may need to repeat them more than once if the robot misses a spot.

How Easy is Clean-Up?

AOSO bottom wheels

After you finish using the device, it’s advised to clean up after each use. Since the AOSO S3 features a relatively small dust bin, it also tends to fill up quickly. Still, it’s easy to pop out, and you can utilize the included cleaning tool to tend to the filter simultaneously.

For the outside brushes and wheels, I followed the same routine as a standard vacuum cleaner. For any hair or excess build-up, it was easy to cut them off. The rotating brush also pops out without much effort, so you can keep the main brush really clean.

Ultimately, the side brushes took the most effort as they’d occasionally require some reshaping due to pathing injury. They were also the most vulnerable to hair tangles due to their bristles, which wasn’t an issue when cleaning after each use.

Cleaning always felt easy based on how accessible each part was.

TuyaSmart App vs Remote Control

AOSO remote

One of the great facets of the AOSO S3 is how much it indirectly leaves up to the user. Unlike some other smart applications, you can entirely bypass using the TuyaSmart app if you want. So there’s no mandatory hardware activation required.

However, if you want access to features like scheduled cleaning, a visual representation of your pathing, third party control (Alexa and Google Assistant), and remote use, then you’ll want the app. Otherwise, the TuyaSmart app shares the same options as the battery-powered remote control. Both have the ability to jump between automatic modes, manual control, change suction power, and make the AOSO S3 call out its location.

With that said, there are still some advantages to using its remote control in person. When trying to pause a mode and change to another on the AOSO S3 via the app, I found it wouldn’t always register the command. In comparison, the remote control worked without issue.

Pairing the AOSO S3 to TuyaSmart App

One complaint about the AOSO S3 is that it doesn’t support pairing over 5 GHz Wi-Fi. If you have a router with a clear split between the two types, it doesn’t take long at all to pair. But if you have to go in and change your router settings, that’s an unwelcome extra step.

Should You Buy The AOSO S3 Robovac?

Whether you should buy the AOSO S3 Robovac largely depends on your home. If you need some extra assistance to maintain a clean environment, this vacuum thrives. It’s great whether it is tackling wood, carpet, or tile.

As long as you’re willing to learn its hiccups initially, it is well worth what it offers as its price point. However, if you need a much larger dust bin or mopping capabilities, you should save towards a more expensive robot vacuum.

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