Learn about digital marketing on Facebook, Google, YouTube, Reddit, LinkedIn, and more.

Today, purchases and purchasing decisions are increasingly made online. Therefore, regardless of what you sell, an online presence is necessary to capitalize on this trend. Individuals and companies use the Internet to drive awareness and interest. The aim is to convert casual buyers into brand advocates.

The role of digital marketing is to assist in moving a prospect, lead, or customer from one stage of the journey to the next step. For a digital marketer, this engagement takes the form of blog posts, podcasts, and online videos. The best way to get started is with The 2020 Full Stack Digital Marketing Certification Bundle.

What’s in the Bundle

The 12-course bundle covers digital marketing with a deep dive into all the important platforms. You’ll learn the basics of analytics, copywriting, sales, digital media, and more. The industry expects a digital marketer to get skilled in the above aspects. Here are the details of the bundle:

  1. Google Analytics for Beginners—A Step-by-Step Course: In this course, you’ll learn how to track marketing metrics, increase traffic, and sales with Google Analytics.
  2. Google Ads for Beginners: Every digital marketer should know how to create an online advertising campaign with Google Ads. This course will help you write, optimize Google Ad campaigns, and avoid beginner mistakes.
  3. YouTube Advertising for Beginners: YouTube is the biggest online video platform. You’ll learn how to create video ads, boost your video views, grow your subscribers, and get more leads.
  4. The Ultimate Facebook Ads Marketing Blueprint: You’ll learn how to set up simple Facebook ad campaigns to convert a customer into a buyer.
  5. Advanced SEO Keyword Research: This course will teach you how to implement a detailed keyword research strategy using a keyword planner to increase traffic and page rank.
  6. Facebook Marketing—Engagement and Sales Strategies: You’ll learn the basics of Facebook marketing and advertising strategies to promote your product with Facebook Groups and Pages.
  7. Intro to Push Notification Marketing: This course will show how to promote your brand and increase sales with targeted push notifications campaigns.
  8. The Ultimate MailChimp Email Marketing Course: You’ll learn how to use MailChimp to grow your email subscribers and increase conversions.
  9. Reddit Marketing—Get Traffic and Sell Products on Reddit: In this course, you’ll learn the different marketing methods in Reddit to promote your business.
  10. LinkedIn Marketing and Sales Lead Generation Blueprint: You’ll learn how to use LinkedIn sales funnel to generate more leads for your business.
  11. How to Start a Profitable Video Marketing Business: In this course, you’ll learn how to start a video marketing agency from scratch.
  12. How to Utilize Amazon SEO, Sales, and Ads for Ecommerce Domination: This course covers the effective strategies to sell products on Amazon by using targeted SEO, ads, and product listings.

What You Should Focus On

Each course in the digital marketing bundle gives you practical tips on using a platform for running an ad campaign. Every business would like to generate leads, make sales, retain the customers, and sell them more of their products or services.

Achieving each of these goals requires a thorough understanding of business objectives, what should dictate the ad campaign and tactics you employ. Here’s a video showing how to market any product or service.

Learning Digital Marketing Is a Core Skill

Full-stack digital marketers are always in demand. A career in digital marketing can leverage opportunities in blogging, brand management, content curation, marketing strategy, and data analytics. So get yourself enrolled in The 2020 Full Stack Digital Marketing Bundle and start learning. The deal is available for only $39.

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