As time goes by, you may notice your computer slowing down. This drop in performance is usually caused by junk filling up your hard drive and apps pulling on your CPU. Trying to restore your machine to its original condition can be a challenge. But with CleanMyMac X, you can clear the clutter and remove malware with minimal effort. Right now, you can pick up this award-winning software for $67.99, or get the Windows version for the same price at MakeUseOf Deals.

Spring Cleaning

How often do you clear the cache of every app you use? What about old application updates and mail attachments — ever thought about removing them?

CleanMyMac X helps you track down and delete these unwanted files, giving your computer an instant performance boost.

The software scans your hard drive to produce a junk list. You can then delete whatever you want with a click. The software targets caches, broken downloads, logs, localizations, and temporary memory, along with large media files.

But that’s not all. CleanMyMac X can find malware lurking on your system, and help you to install app updates without creating more clutter.

Now 24% off

CleanMyMac X and CleanMyPC are usually priced at $89.95, but you can get either app now for just $67.99.

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