DoNotPay has launched a Chrome extension. And while there are a number of things you can do with DoNotPay, the headline feature is its ability to let you share subscription services—such as Netflix and Hulu—without sharing your password.

Everyone Shares Their Netflix Passwords, Right?

Sharing access to streaming services such as Disney+ and Amazon Prime Video is pretty commonplace. Almost everyone does it. It isn’t illegal, but it may be against these services’ terms and conditions. And it’s certainly morally questionable.

This moral gray area doesn’t seem to put anyone off. And millions of people share Netflix accounts

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with family and friends. However, this means giving your password out to people, which is far from ideal. Especially if you use the same password elsewhere.

Now, there’s a new way to share access to your accounts, including Netflix, without sharing your passwords. It’s all thanks to DoNotPay, a startup which offers a range of different services, including a virtual credit card and an automated complaints system.

How to Share Your Netflix Without Sharing a Password

DoNotPay has now launched a Chrome extension, and this offers an easy way to share your Netflix account without revealing your password. The extension is free, and it allows you to share online accounts with up to five other people at any one time.

This works using cookies, so, rather than sharing your password, you essentially transfer your browsing session to someone else. As far as Netflix, Hulu, et al, are concerned, you’re just watching their service across multiple different Google Chrome tabs.

To share access to streaming services without sharing the passwords:

  1. Create a DoNotPay account.
  2. Download the Chrome extension.
  3. Load the streaming service you want to share access to and click the extension.
  4. Generate a link which you can share or send via email.

The recipient will also need to have a DoNotPay account. However, once they’re signed in, they’ll be able to access your account for the streaming service(s) in question without ever knowing your password(s). Which is potentially more secure than the alternative.

The only downside is that this only works in web browsers, so the people sharing your streaming services can’t watch on their phone, tablet, or smart TV. The upside is that you can revoke access at a moment’s notice, without having to change your password.

Download: DoNotPay on Google Chrome

Why People Share Passwords for Streaming Services

This is a reaction to streaming services all producing original content. In an interview with Fast Company, Joshua Browder, the founder and CEO of DoNotPay, said, “You shouldn’t have to pay $100 a month just to access what you could get before for much cheaper.”

It’s a good point, and the number of streaming services around now is getting ridiculous. And as they’re all producing original content, there’s a need to subscribe to them all to see everything. Which is why so many people are sharing passwords in the first place.

If DoNotPay doesn’t appeal, here’s how to share passwords with family and friends

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