Facebook has added a slew of new features to Messenger Rooms, including more customization options.

As the need for group video calls continues to grow, Facebook has updated its own video calling platform, Messenger Rooms. It now has a slew of new features, some of which you just might recognize from its biggest competitor, Zoom.

Facebook Overhauls Messenger Rooms

Facebook’s video call platform, Messenger Rooms, was launched in May 2020, and lets up to 50 people participate in a group video call. In an About Facebook post, Facebook outlines all of the new Messenger Rooms features it’s rolling out on mobile.

Although you can access Messenger Rooms from Messenger already, the updated version makes it easier to manage Rooms from within the Messenger app. You’re now able to create and discover Rooms at the top of your Chats tab, which helps you keep all of your conversations in one place.

Messenger Rooms VR Background

Image Credit: Facebook

The update also lets you edit Rooms using more advanced features. Not only can you schedule group calls for a future date, but you can also specify the friends you want to invite from the Messenger app.

Additionally, you can even assign a Room activity for your call. While you can choose from the default activity options that Messenger Rooms provides, like “Coffee Chat” or “Study Break,” you can create a custom one as well.

And if you’ve used Zoom before, you’ll already know all about the fun things you can do with Zoom, including the ability to create a virtual background. Now, you’ll be able to use virtual backgrounds in Messenger Rooms as well.

Messenger Rooms already boasts AR effects, such as 360-degree backgrounds and lighting filters, but virtual backgrounds give you a new way to customize your chat. To make your group call even more fun, you can now place a photo or video in the background of your video.

Can Messenger Rooms Overtake Zoom?

The addition of customizable backgrounds is a clear attempt to compete with Zoom. But the question is, can Messenger Rooms really compete with the full-featured Zoom?

Since Zoom has been plagued with security issues, Messenger Rooms could prove to be a worthy video call alternative.


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