You can easily earn more money by mastering data analytics and machine learning using Python.

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Python, as a programming language, is easy and straightforward to learn. With easy to use syntax and compilation features, it cuts the development time by almost half. Python also offers a massive collection of libraries.

It has applications in machine learning, data science, analysis, manipulation, and more. Although there are many resources available, this Python bootcamp bundle offers you a complete package on both basic and scientific applications of Python.

What’s in the Bundle

Python bootcamp bundle

The 12-course bundle is a shortcut for mastering Python for anyone with little or no experience in coding. Each course teaches you the basics, offers hands-on training exercises, and projects to learn Python in an exciting way. Here are the details:

  1. Python 3 Master Class: A complete course to learn Python from scratch. The hands-on training approach covers basics and advanced topics.
  2. From 0 to 1 — Learn Python Programming: You’ll learn to automate manual computing work, like generating spreadsheets with Python, auto summarize news articles, clean up and manipulate text with Python, and more.
  3. Web Scraping with Python and BeautifulSoup: Gathering data from a web page is known as web scraping. You’ll learn how to scrap multiple web pages, parse data in beautifulsoup, and sanitize data in a formatted CSV sheet.
  4. Learn Python 3 By Making a Game: Learn how to build crossy road or frogger with Python Pygame library.
  5. Build Real World Apps with Python: You’ll learn how to make a portfolio website with flask, GUI-based app, interactive web-based financial chart, data collector web app, and more with Python.
  6. Image Processing with Python: You’ll learn how to create a photo filter editor to develop filters for its use in Instagram and Snapchat.
  7. Data Mining with Python: Drawing insights from the dataset and finding a pattern is important for its use in any professional area. You’ll learn how to do data mining, cluster analysis, and logistic regression.
  8. Python Data Visualization Course: You’ll learn how to visualize data using popular plotting libraries like Matplotlib, Seaborn, and Bokeh.
  9. Data Wrangling and Data Visualization with Python: You’ll learn the basics and apply data wrangling, visualization tactics for data analysis, and interpretation.
  10. Python Web Programming: Hands-on training to develop and parse the web with Python. You’ll also learn how to create a basic website with Flash web development framework.
  11. Cyber Security — Python and Web Apps: You’ll learn how to build security analysis tools using Python and analyze web app vulnerabilities using Ruby on Rails and PHP solutions.
  12. Deep Learning Masterclass — Classifying Images with Keras: You’ll learn how to use Keras and Tensorflow to create an AI model that can classify images.

What to Focus On

This 85-hour plus course shows you different ways to apply Python in various application areas for machine learning, data mining, analysis, and more. Having personally taken this bundle, we recommend you to start with basics and learn how to automate basic computing tasks.

If you know the basics, proceed with building real-world applications or data analysis if your job requires to develop your skills. Here’s an interesting video showing what you can do with Python.

Python Career Opportunities

The TIOBE programming index is an indicator of the popularity of the programming languages. Python is currently in 3rd position, and its ratings have increased by 10 percentage points.

Once you get an expertise in Python, there are ample job opportunities as a data analyst, scientist, and software engineer in multinational companies. So get yourself enrolled in the Python bootcamp bundle and start learning. The deal is available for $35.

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