The new speaker adopts the cloth design of the Nest Mini, but with far more power.

Google Nest Audio smart speaker

Google has been busy today, announcing the new Chromecast and Pixel 5 at its Launch Night In event. Along with those devices, Google also revealed a new Nest Audio smart speaker. It looks to expand upon the features offered by the original Google Home smart speaker.

Google Nest Audio Features

The new speaker functions like other speakers in Google’s line. It comes with Google Assistant so you can quickly and easily tell it to play whatever you want.

Google touted the extra volume offered by the new Nest Audio speaker. The company custom-designed drivers and housed them in an enclosure that helps squeeze out every bit of sound possible. In fact, Google says that it is 75-percent louder and has 50 percent stronger bass than the original Google Home speaker.

The new speaker features an EQ that automatically changes the sound based on whether you’re listening to music, podcasts, audiobooks, or even a response from Google Assistant. There’s also a feature called Ambient IQ that adjusts the volume of Assistant, news, podcasts, and audiobooks based on the background noise in your home.

Another cool feature of the Google Nest Audio is that it is made from 70 percent recycled plastic. That’s more sustainable than previous Google smart speakers, which is always a good thing for the planet. It’s also covered in the same cloth material used on the Nest Mini.

Google Nest Audio Availability and Price

Nest Audio is meant to be the centerpiece of a whole-home sound system and it comes with a $99.99 price tag that makes getting music in every room a reality for most people. The new speaker will release in the US, Canada, and India on the Google Store and other retailers on October 5.

From there, Google is set to release it in retail stores including Target, Best Buy, and more in 21 countries starting October 15.

The new speaker is available in Chalk, Charcoal, Sand, Sky, and the new Sage. That means you should be able to snag one that looks good in your room, whatever the decor.

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