The Pixel Buds are already great, but they’re about to become much better.

The Pixel Buds are quickly becoming one of the most beloved true wireless earbuds on the market. Part of what makes them stand out is that Google actually updates them frequently with new features.

Keeping with that theme, Google posted on The Keyword that it is bringing new features to the Pixel Buds that’ll actually make a huge difference for anyone who owns Google’s buds.

Google Pixel Buds New Features

The first feature Google is rolling out to the Pixel Buds is a level of customization over the audio experience. With this update, you will gain a bass boost feature and sharing detection. With the former, you’ll be able to use the Pixel Buds settings to adjust the bass of the earbuds.

The other new feature will make it so if you decide to share one of your earbuds with someone, you won’t lose your volume preferences. This means that the Pixel Buds detect when you’re sharing an earbud with someone and allows both of you to swipe on your respective earbud to control the volume.

Those are two big changes, but that’s not all the Pixel Buds are getting today. There’s also a feature that enhances translation. Basically, there’s a new transcribe feature that lets you follow along by reading the translated speech directly into your ear. This feature will launch initially for French, German, Italian, and Spanish speakers to translate English.

Google also added an update for Find My Device that will show the last known location of the earbuds should you misplace them. It’ll tell you where they are on a map whether they’re still connected to your Android device or not.

Assistant is getting some enhancements with the Pixel Buds, too. You can ask Google Assistant to turn touch controls on and off with your voice, which is quite convenient. You can also ask Google Assistant to tell you how much battery your earbuds have remaining.

The final new feature is still in the experimental phase. It’s called Attention Alerts and it notifies you of important things happening around you and lowers the volume so you can pay attention to them.

Snag Some Pixel Buds

Google is also making the Pixel Buds available in Oh So Orange, Quite Mint, and Almost Black in the US, as well. You can get them on the Google Store starting at $179.

Now’s the perfect time to grab yourself a pair, as Google has just announced the ultra-affordable Pixel 4a, which looks to be a fantastic phone for the price. They’ll pair quite well with some Pixel Buds, since they’re both made by Google.


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