Thanks to companies like Reedsy, self-published authors have to struggle less and less. Its latest initiative, Discovery, offers a place for writers to showcase and promote their works. But the true scope of the platform is in the details.

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If you’re an author, you can make a nice space for yourself on Reedsy Discovery, all while getting reviews and followers. Below are the key steps to making the most of the website.

What is Reedsy Discovery?

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Reedsy itself has been around for years, listing a huge range of professionals and opportunities related to the world of books. Whether you need an editor, marketer, or web designer, you can find them all here.

Discovery is part of Reedsy. This section arrived on the scene in 2019 to bring authors, reviewers, publishers, and avid readers together. The company, with the help of its new and existing fanbase, is becoming a modern alternative to Goodreads. You can even link the two platforms.

1. Create an Attractive Profile

As an author on Reedsy Discover, the first thing you should do is set up your profile. The basic things to include are a picture, bio, and links to your social media accounts and website (if you have one).

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On that point, a personal domain is a good thing to have. Make sure to explore the pros and cons of some reliable website builders for your online portfolio. A beautiful landing page can make all the difference to your public image as an author.

In terms of your Discovery profile, aim to make it as interesting and professional as possible. For example, don’t underestimate the value of your tagline and cover image. Unfortunately, the latter is blurry when uploaded, but the right image adds a nice splash of color to your profile.

2. Build Your Library

Another important feature that appears on your Reedsy Discovery profile is your library. Since we’re talking about a website for bookworms, sharing your favorite reads will get you even more attention.

As long as you know what books you’re adding, there are two ways to populate your virtual bookshelves: manually or through Goodreads.

If, on the other hand, you remember a great read but not its title or author, there are plenty of online resources to track down a book through its plot details alone.

With all your titles in mind, it’s time to fill your library.

Manual Import

Whether you’ve read them already or not, you can add each book, one by one. To do this, first copy the book’s URL as it appears on Discovery, Amazon, Google Play, or Apple Books. Keep in mind that links from US domains tend to work best.

Go to the Add to your bookshelf section in your library and paste the link in the URL box. From the dropdown menu below that, choose your progress with the book. Finally, tick whether you want to post the new addition on your feed and then click Add to bookshelf.

reedsy discovery add to library manually

Goodreads Import

If you have lots of books to import, this is by far the easiest way to do it. Assuming you already added your Goodreads URL to your profile, scroll down the library page until you find the Import from Goodreads section.

Click on the button so Discovery can sync with your Goodreads account. It will then prepare to bring over as many books as possible.

reedsy discovery import from goodreads

This can actually take hours, depending on the number of titles you have, but you can close the window and Discovery will keep working on its own. It may not manage to import all of your books, but you can fill in the gaps with subsequent syncs.

3. Submit Your Book

Reedsy Discovery is great for a budding writer to network and find interesting reads. But a lot more features are available to authors with books of their own, especially self-published ones.

Submit to Discovery

For $50, you can submit your digital manuscript at least a month before its launch to get reviews and build some hype. To start the process, just click on the Submit tab at the top of the website, and then select Submit your book.

reedsy discovery submit book

Follow the process and fill in as many details as possible. You can upload an ePub, PDF, and Mobi version of your ebook, alongside a JPEG of the cover. Remember, the appeal of these and all elements on your author profile affect whether people will engage with you or not.

Submit to a Discovery Reviewer

Alternatively, you can give the manuscript to specific reviewers. On the Submit page, click on the Reviewer directory. Use the filters to find a promising reader and click Request a review. From there, the submission process is exactly the same as above.

reedsy discovery submit book to reviewer

4. Attract Readers and Reviewers

Once you upload your book and set a launch date, you have a month to get people to review it. Unfortunately, sitting around and waiting for those stars and opportunities doesn’t always work.

Invite a Reviewer

Unless you found a reviewer from the get-go or want to go through that process now, there’s a much easier way to attract one of those coveted readers.

Go through the reviewer directory and pick your favorite candidate. Then, announce your launch on your feed and tag the reviewer, politely asking for their input. Even if they refuse, you can quickly move on to another candidate.

The truth is: all you need is one good review on Reedsy Discovery to turn some influential heads. The company itself and its valuable members are always on the lookout for promising works.

Promote Your Book

On launch day, your manuscript and the feedback it collected will automatically join the Discover page. A point system is in place here, so that the top-ranking books will be featured on the website’s main page and the next newsletter.

reedsy discovery discover page ranked books

To get more points, you can collect them from Discovery members, as well as from people outside the platform. You can post a personalized link on your social media accounts, forums, newsletters, and any other online community you want.

Don’t be aggressive with your marketing, though. Find charming or funny ways to invite people to back your work without damaging your reputation in the process.

Get to Know the Ins and Outs of Reedsy Discovery

The platform is still growing, but hundreds of indie authors are already grateful for its support. To join them, get your book to its absolute best and then submit it. Optimize your profile before flexing your promotional muscles to make lots of valuable friends.

At first glance, Reedsy Discovery is just another good literary community. However, you’ll quickly see it as a network of gateways that can lead your book to a very promising future.


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