Whether you’re trying to find a lost or stolen phone or simply want to keep tabs on the location of a family member, cell phone surveillance tools are vital. While there may be a moral issue around inter-family surveillance, if safety is a concern then this naturally takes precedent.

But how do you track a cell phone’s location? Various tools are available, including Spyic.

How Cell Phone Tracking Works

If you need to know where a missing phone or its owner is, you’ll need two things: a web-based dashboard and a client app installed on the targeted phone. So, if you were using a tracking tool to find a missing phone, you would install it on your device in advance. Similarly, if you wish to keep a remote eye on the movements of your children, the cell phone tracking client software would need to be installed beforehand.

Locate a phone with Spyic

This can lead to problems if you plan to install the client without their knowledge. Having a chat with your dependent can avoid problems later. If you use family management software, meanwhile, you should be able to install the client app and not worry about it being removed.

With the client app running in the background, you’ll be able to view the current location of the phone.

Features of Cell Phone Tracking Tools

Typical cell phone tracking tool features include basic monitoring of the device location, locatcall logs, and browser history. You might also expect to find a list of contacts, bookmarks, photos, recorded videos, and even text messages. You’ll also find instant messages from various social apps such as Facebook and Tinder.

Find what apps your family is using with Spyic

As noted, these are typical features for cell phone tracking tools, and all can be found in Spyic’s basic version for Android and iOS. Significantly, you won’t need to root any of the target Android devices to enjoy these features or any of those found in Spyic’s premium package.

However, you will need physical access to an Android device, or iCloud login credentials of an iPhone to be tracked.

How to Track a Cell Phone Location

With Spyic you can keep tabs on the location of your family members whether they use iOS or Android.

Track Android Phones With Spyic

To track an Android cell phone, log into the Spyic dashboard, and start the setup wizard.

Start by inputting the child or teenager’s name, their age, and select Android as a mobile device. Click Proceed, then grab the targeted device and prepare it for installing Spyic.

On this device, start by enabling the installation of software from unknown sources. Most Android devices rely on the Play Store for apps, and this is the only option available. You can change this to install from other locations as well. Open Settings > Lock screen and security and look for Unknown sources. Tap the switch to enable it, then OK to confirm your choice.

Next, open Settings again, this time looking for Security > Google Play Protect. Tap the Settings cog and disable Improve harmful app detection. You should also disable Scan device for security threats.

You’re ready to install Spyic. On the Android device browser, open viptrack.pro and slide the button to download Spyic. When the download is complete, pull down the Notifications bar and tap to install.

With the app running, sign in, then follow the instructions to give full permissions to the Spyic app. These will enable remote monitoring via the web-based dashboard.

Head back to your PC’s browser and the Spyic dashboard to check the location, content, and other activity of the phone’s user.

With the Android app set up, take a moment to go back to Settings > Lock screen and security and disable Unknown sources. This will ensure the security of your device.

Need to uninstall Spyic? You can do that remotely

Follow an iPhone Using Spyic

To use Spyic with an iPhone, you don’t need the physical device. Instead, you just need the iCloud username and password.

Track an iPhone with Spyic

As you probably had some part in setting these up, it shouldn’t be too difficult to access the location of the device. Just sign into Spyic, select the iOS option, and input the credentials. The whereabouts of the iPhone will be displayed in the Spyic dashboard.

Track Cell Phones Safely

With a smartphone tracking tool, you can keep tabs on any member of your family if you have physical to access the device (Android) or the iCloud account credentials (iPhone). A tool like Spyic can also work with a tablet, providing the device has a SIM card for mobile internet.

Remember: being able to track a phone’s location and the user’s activity has certain responsibilities. Ensure that the phone’s owner understands their own responsibilities too, and uses Spyic wisely, for good, and for safety.

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