If you’re eager to see this live-action remake of the Disney classic, here’s how you can watch Mulan on Disney+.

Disney’s 2020 live-action reimagining of Mulan was due to debut in movie theaters. However, the COVID-19 pandemic meant the company decided to bring the movie straight to its Disney+ streaming service.

However, unlike everything else currently available on Disney+, to watch Mulan you need to pay an additional cost on top of the monthly subscription fee.

So here’s how to watch Mulan on Disney+ and the terms you need to be aware of.

How Much Does Mulan Cost on Disney+?

To watch Mulan, you need to pay for what Disney calls “Premier Access”. This only gives you access to Mulan, and there are no other benefits at the time of writing.

Premier Access is available to purchase until November 2, 2020 at 11:59 p.m. PT.

You need to have an active Disney+ subscription to sign up for Premier Access. This means that you can’t watch Mulan unless you are already paying for Disney+ (which is billed monthly or yearly).

Premier Access is a one-time cost. In the United States it costs $29.99, while it’s £19.99 in the United Kingdom. Elsewhere, the cost varies, though it’s generally cheaper than in the States.

Some regions can’t buy Premier Access. This is true in France, where theater owners had a dispute with Disney over its decision to skip traditional distribution for the movie.

How Many Times Can You Watch Mulan on Disney+?

Once you have bought Premier Access, you can watch Mulan as many times as you like on any device.

There is one caveat to that. You must maintain an active Disney+ subscription. If you buy Premier Access, but then let your Disney+ subscription lapse, you will lose access to Mulan.

If you later renew your Disney+ subscription, you will regain Premier Access to Mula and won’t have to buy the film again.

How to Watch Mulan on Disney+

It’s a straightforward process to buy Premier Access so that you can watch Mulan. Some platforms, like Amazon and Roku, will let you process the purchase from within the app. Others, like smart TVs, will need you to use a web browser.

disney plus mulan

The method that will work for everyone is to visit disneyplus.com/mulan. Once there, click Get Premier Access With Disney+. You will be prompted to log in to your Disney+ account, if you’re not already.

Next, you will see the details of your Premier Access order and will need to confirm your payment details. Once done, click Confirm. You will be billed and gain access to Mulan immediately.

Alternatively, another easy method is to use the Disney+ app on your phone or tablet. Launch the app and navigate to the Mulan page.

Once there, tap Get Premier Access. You will see a page that confirms the terms of the purchase. If you agree, tap the button displaying the price and you will get immediate access to Mulan.

Take note that whatever method you use to purchase Premier Access, you can’t get a refund once you start watching the movie.

How to Watch Mulan on Disney+ for Free Instead

Does the price tag for Premier Access seem too much to stream a single movie? If you’re willing to be patient, you can watch Mulan for free with a standard Disney+ subscription.

That’s because Mulan will be available for no additional cost on December 4, 2020. On this date, Mulan will be like everything else on Disney+. You will be able to watch it as much as you like without paying any extra on top of your monthly subscription.

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