Founded by Elon Musk in 2002, SpaceX is an American company that designs, manufactures, and launches advanced rockets and spacecraft.

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It was the first private company to reuse spacecraft for multiple flights and the first to send a spacecraft to the International Space Station (ISS). Since 2010, SpaceX has completed 100 rocket and spacecraft launches.

Want to follow along with SpaceX’s journey to revolutionize space technology? Start by tuning in to its flight launches. This article will explain the details behind SpaceX launches and how you can watch them live.

What Types of Aerospace Vehicles Does SpaceX Launch?

SpaceX develops its own rockets, rocket engines, satellites, and spacecraft. Its most popular vehicle series are the Falcon (rockets), Dragon (human and cargo spacecraft), Starship (mega-spacecraft), and Starlink (satellites).

Who Flies on SpaceX Vehicles?

SpaceX contracts with NASA, the US military, other national space programs, and private citizens in order to send humans, satellites, and cargo into space.

Currently, SpaceX transports US astronauts (through NASA) and international astronauts (through commercial contracts) to the ISS on its Dragon spacecraft. SpaceX also shuttles cargo to and from the ISS.

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In the future, SpaceX plans to use its Starship spacecraft to travel to Mars and other planets. Some of this travel will be commercial tourism, purchased by private citizens, while much of it will serve professional astronaut missions.

Where Do SpaceX Launches Take Place?

SpaceX has three launch sites: Cape Canaveral Air Force Base (on the Florida coast), Vandenberg Air Force Base (in Santa Barbara County, California), and the Kennedy Space Center (located next to the Cape Canaveral Base).

The company is also building a launch site in Brownsville, Texas. Mars launches are expected to take place at the Brownsville location.

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How Often Does SpaceX Conduct Launches?

From 2010 to 2020, SpaceX completed 100 rocket launches, with 98 mission successes (one mission was a partial failure, while one mission was a total loss). This averages out to 10 launches a year.

SpaceX Launch on November 14, 2020

On Saturday, November 14, 2020, SpaceX will launch a spacecraft to transport astronauts to the ISS.

Known as the SpaceX Crew-1 Mission, this launch will include three NASA Astronauts—Victor Glover, Mike Hopkins, and Shannon Walker—and Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency astronaut Soichi Noguchi.

Liftoff is at 7:49pm EST. This is SpaceX’s second crewed flight and will feature its Crew Dragon spacecraft and Falcon 9 rocket.

Where Can I Watch the Launch?

You can watch the launch directly from the SpaceX website. You can also watch it live on, starting 15 minutes before takeoff. Because this is a NASA-partnered flight, you’ll also be able to watch it on NASA’s Youtube channel.

How Can I Find Out About Future Launches?

SpaceX announces upcoming launches on its website; however, it only begins promoting launches closer to the date.

For a full, up-to-date calendar of private and public-sector spacecraft launches globally, check out SpaceFlightNow. If you are looking for NASA-specific information, follow the NASA Launch Calendar. Space flights are usually scheduled up to one year in advance.

Download Next Spaceflight

screenshot of mobile and desktop versions of next spaceflight apps

For space fans who want to stay on top of all space news in one place, it’s worth bookmarking the website Next Spaceflight or downloading its app on iOS or Android.

This database features all rocket and spacecraft launches (even smaller rocket missions that are left out of other databases), details about each mission, and a link to watch live-streamed launches when available.

Next Spaceflight also manages a catalog of hundreds of past launches with performance statistics and includes video recordings of past launches.

Where Can I Watch Future SpaceX Launches?

If you want more in-depth coverage of SpaceX specifically, check out the SpaceX launch page for high-resolution images, interesting articles, and live-streamed launch videos. You’ll also find news on upcoming SpaceX launch updates and recaps of past launches.

If a SpaceX flight is being conducted in partnership with NASA, you’ll be able to watch the entire launch on the 24/7 NASA TV Stream. Both the SpaceX and NASA websites are great everyday resources for adults and children interested in learning more about spaceflight.

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