Instead of spending hours creating stems, LALAL.AI users artificial intelligence to do it in seconds.

If you don’t have the master track, listening to just the vocals or instruments for a song requires absurd amounts of audio editing hours to split the tracks into stems.

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It’s a painful process that may not even end up perfect, no matter how much time you invest.

It doesn’t have to be this way, though, as LALAL.AI actually uses artificial intelligence to split the vocal and instrumental tracks for you. Not only does it require next to no effort on your part, but it only takes a few moments to create downloadable versions of each track.

Using LALAL.AI to Split Audio Tracks

It really doesn’t get much easier than using LALAL.AI. You simply go to the website, upload the song you’d like to have split, and wait a minute or two while the AI processes the file and outputs the split version. Compared to spending hours in a program like Garage Band splitting tracks manually, using LALAL.AI is a no-brainer.

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Once the files are split, you can listen to them directly in your browser or download the MP3 the separated files to use in whatever way you need them. It really is that simple.

When you’re playing the files on the website, you can actually see the waveform, which gives you a visual idea of how the tracks are split. It’s quite easy to spot instrumental parts of the song, or places where there are heavy vocals and less background music.

How LALAL.AI Performs

I tested LALAL.AI with a few different songs, and the results were consistently good. I threw some easy pop songs at it with clear distinctions between vocals and instruments, and it handled them with ease.

To really put it to the test, I tried a song by technical death metal band Gojira, which is very complicated musically. It also features heavy screaming vocals, which I thought would make it more difficult for the AI. However, the split was done just as well as with the simple pop songs.

LALAL.AI finished track

Of course, it’s not perfect. Without having the actual master tracks, it’s almost impossible to get a perfect split between vocals and instruments. However, it does a really solid job.

If you’re trying to learn a song, and you want to focus on the instruments without the vocals, LALAL.AI will do the job well. On the other side, you could also use LALAL.AI for singing a song without hearing the original singer. Their vocals will occasionally pop up faintly in the background, but if you’re singing the song you won’t notice at all.

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