LinkedIn now lets you create Stories, and also supports video calls with Zoom, Microsoft Teams, and BlueJeans.


In addition to undergoing a design change, LinkedIn has also rolled out several new features. You can now create and share Stories, as well as hold video meetings through LinkedIn.

Introducing Professional Stories

LinkedIn is the latest platform to hop on the Story bandwagon. The platform announced the new feature in a post on the LinkedIn Official Blog.

Much like Stories on Facebook and Instagram, LinkedIn’s Story feature allows you to create short clips that remain on your profile for 24 hours. Creating engaging, professional Stories may even make your profile more successful on LinkedIn.

LinkedIn Stories Examples

Image Credit: LinkedIn

You can record and share Stories directly through the LinkedIn app. LinkedIn also allows you to add stickers, text, as well as mention other users in your Story. And when someone wants to respond to your Story, they can easily do so by sending a quick message or reaction.

Although Stories are currently only available in the US, Canada, France, Australia, Brazil, Netherlands, and the UAE, LinkedIn plans on introducing this feature worldwide.

Improved Messaging Features

In a separate post on the LinkedIn Official Blog, LinkedIn also detailed a number of new messaging features on the LinkedIn app.

One of the most exciting new features is LinkedIn’s integration with Zoom, Microsoft Teams, and BlueJeans. This integration lets you start a video call from a new or existing LinkedIn conversation.

LinkedIn Video Call Integration

Image Credit: LinkedIn

All you have to do is begin (or continue) a conversation, and then select the video icon next to the text box. A popup will appear that displays all three supported video calling platforms.

When you sign in to the platform of your choice, you can then share the provided link to start an instant video meeting. Alternatively, you can schedule the video conference for later as well.

Besides the handy video call tool, LinkedIn has unveiled several other updates to the way you send messages. Not only can you now edit and delete your messages, but you can also react to messages, bulk-edit your messages, and invite other users to your conversation.

LinkedIn Gets More Social

LinkedIn is a fantastic platform to discover new careers and make professional connections. While the Stories feature can help you add some more personality to your profile, the enhanced messaging system will make it less stressful to keep track of your messages and contact recruiters.

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