We knew it was coming, but you can now download Microsoft Edge for yourself on Linux.

If you’re a big Linux fan, using a Microsoft product is probably at the very bottom of your list of to-dos. However, if you’ve looked back at some of Edge’s new features and you want to give it a try for yourself, you can now give Microsoft Edge a try on your Linux device.

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How to Use Microsoft Edge on Linux

If you’d like to learn more, you can see the announcement for yourself over on Windows Blogs. This is no surprise, as Microsoft previously announced Edge for Linux back in Microsoft Ignite 2020.

This is not only a step for Microsoft onto the Linux platform, but this finally completes Microsofts plans to get Edge onto every major desktop and mobile operating system.

Of course, saying that Microsoft Edge works on “Linux” is a vague statement, given the different kinds of Linux out there. Microsoft quickly clears up this confusion by stating that Edge will work on Ubuntu, Debian, Fedora, and openSUSE distributions.

To get the new Edge for Linux, perform the following:

There are two ways to get started with Microsoft Edge on Linux. The simplest approach is to download and install a .deb or .rpm package directly from the Microsoft Edge Insider site – this will configure your system to receive future automatic updates.

If you prefer, you can also install Microsoft Edge from Microsoft’s Linux Software Repository using your distribution’s standard package management tools, by following the “Command line installation” instructions on the Microsoft Edge Insider site (deb/rpm).

This is an Insider build, so expect plenty of bugs and issues when running Edge on Linux. However, if you want to, you can put the browser through the wringer and send all your feedback to Microsoft so it can make Edge even better.

Why Bother With Getting Microsoft Edge Onto Linux?

Given that Linux is a bastion for people who dislike Microsoft products, why is the company bothering to get Edge onto Linux? The answer is that Edge is the best browser Microsoft has had for years.

For a very long time, Internet Explorer was trailing behind Chrome and Firefox for usage. There was a little wonder as to why; the two heavy-hitting browsers put Internet Explorer in its place in almost every way.

Microsoft attempted to shed the name “Internet Explorer,” which had since become a poisoned chalice. Under the title “Edge,” the company tried to get a fresh start, but the old Edge wasn’t good enough.

In a great example of “if you can’t beat them, join them,” Microsoft adopted Chromium for its Edge browser. Ever since then, it’s seen praise and critical acclaim, making Chromium Edge Microsoft’s best offering in years. As such, Microsoft is pushing to get Edge on as many platforms as possible to take down Chrome and Firefox.

Microsoft’s Final Push for Edge

With Microsoft bringing Edge to Linux, its browser is now on every primary operating system available. However, will this be enough to convince people to make the switch to Edge?

If you’re wondering what Microsoft has been doing with its new shiny browser, there’s a lot to go over. For example, Edge is soon getting a built-in price comparison tool.

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