Microsoft reveals a slight change in Bing’s name, alongside its plans to take on Google.

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Bing has always lived in the shadow of the almighty Google, but Microsoft wants to change that by giving its search engine a new makeover. Starting from today, the Bing search engine is now called “Microsoft Bing” and features further advancements with Give with Bing.

What’s Happening With Microsoft Bing?

Microsoft broke the news on its official Bing blogs. As the company pushes its search engine into more areas, it wants to distinguish Bing as a standalone Microsoft product. As such, the company’s name at the start helps show the affiliation with Microsoft.

For instance, Microsoft Bing sees use in Windows 10, Microsoft 365, and even in Microsoft Flight Simulator. As such, it’s becoming its own product now, which Microsoft believes deserves a rebranding.

Alongside the name change, Microsoft is also expanding its Give with Bing program. Give with Bing is Microsoft’s plan to help raise money for charity through Microsoft Bing. The more you search using Microsoft Bing, the more you raise for your chosen nonprofit.

In terms of what nonprofits Microsoft covers, the company says the following:

…we’ve expanded the number of nonprofits on Give with Bing to include over 1.4 million organizations across the globe. And, through December 31, 2020, we will match the points you donate to organizations through Give with Bing to increase the impact of their work on urgent areas such as public health, social justice, and education.

Give with Bing is also now available in seven countries outside of the US. This includes the UK, Canada, Australia, Italy, Spain, Germany, and France.

A Key Moment for Microsoft Bing?

While Microsoft Bing has a new name, and Give with Bing is extending to more organizations and countries, Microsoft didn’t mention that this rebrand would also come with a brand new search algorithm.

As such, it’ll be tricky for Microsoft to convince people to give up their favorite search engines and use Microsoft Bing. On one hand, you have Google with its powerful algorithm and tailored searches. On the other, you have DuckDuckGo that respects user privacy.

Microsoft has introduced useful features into Bing to win people over, such as the Code Sample Answer feature for coding problems. However, they never really caught on.

So, what is Microsoft doing now to encourage people to use Microsoft Bing more? From the looks of the blog post, Microsoft wants to corner the market with its Give with Bing program.

While Google and DuckDuckGo are powerful engines, neither let you donate to a charity just by using them. However, not only has Microsoft added more organizations you can to donate to but also rolled out the program to countries outside the US.

As such, Microsoft has made it clear on its main strategy to win people to its search engine. Its results may not be as good as Google’s, and may not be as private as DuckDuckGo’s, but it allows people to donate to their favorite charities simply by using it.

Is Bing’s Charitable Stance Enough?

Microsoft is doubling-down on its charity focus with this new Bing rebrand, hoping that it gives the company an edge over its competitors. Whether or not its plans are successful, however, is yet to be seen.

It may be hard for the company to get users onboard after the recent database leak. Hackers managed to steal 100 million sensitive search terms from an insecure Microsoft Bing server.

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