Still haven’t finished your backlog of Xbox games? Now it’s getting even bigger.

If you’re a fan of free games (and who isn’t?), you’re probably already keen on Microsoft’s “Games With Gold” where subscribers can get hold of free games every month. If you’re wondering what September’s games are, wonder no more, as Microsoft has revealed all.

What’s Included in Games With Gold for September?

Microsoft announced September’s games in the YouTube video above, as well as on the Xbox Wire. September will see four games up for grabs in total.

First, you have The Division, available September 1-30. The Division is a tactical online shooter that has you fight over New York City after it falls into shambles.

Second is Unwritten Tales 2, available September 15-October 15. This is a point-and-click adventure that parodies fantasy tropes and will give you 20 hours worth of story to sink your teeth into.

Next up is de Blob 2, available September 1-15. This game is a colorful puzzle-platformer where you mix paints to add a splash of color to your environment.

Finally, we have Armed and Dangerous, which you can grab between September 16-30. This game is a balance between a fast-paced third-person shooter and a parody of popular culture.

To get these games, you need to have an Xbox One console; these games aren’t for PC. Then, you need to either have an active Xbox Live Gold subscription or be an Ultimate Xbox Game Pass holder.

Once you’re all set, check out the Gold section on your Xbox dashboard when the game you want is added to Games With Gold. You’ll then be able to download and play it for free.

Four More Xbox Games to Add to Your Library

Free games are always great, so it’s worth checking which titles are planned for Games With Gold in the coming months. The selection on offer this month is pretty solid, so be sure to check back monthly to see what else you can get for free.

If you want these games but aren’t sure how to get them, be sure to read our guide explaining everything you need to know about Xbox Game Pass.


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