The Bethesda acquisition was huge, but it may just be the tip of a larger iceberg.

Microsoft’s recent purchase of ZeniMax Studios (and with it, Bethesda) caused huge ripples around the internet as people speculated what may result from this merger. However, Microsoft has made a statement that the ZeniMax purchase is likely not going to be the company’s last in the gaming market.

Microsoft’s Shift From Building to Buying

Microsoft made the statement in an interview with CNET. The CEO of Microsoft, Satya Nadella, sat down to talk about how the company will progress after the $7.5 billion purchase of Bethesda.

Nadella states that the company needs to produce more content to compete with Sony properly. Ideally, Microsoft wants as many studios as possible under its wing to create games for the Xbox. The problem is, building and maintaining a studio is a lot harder than purchasing a fully-functioning one.

To keep the Xbox’s game library fresh, the company seeks to acquire new creative studios to help produce content for the system. Future purchases may follow the pattern of the Bethesda purchase, where Microsoft announced that the studio’s current and future library would arrive on the Xbox Game Pass.

So, who has Microsoft set its sights on next? The company didn’t hint at its next target, but it’s safe to assume that discussions are going on behind closed doors with interested parties. We’ll have to wait for Microsoft to reveal who else will come on board.

Microsoft’s New Approach to Game Development

Microsoft and Sony are coming to a head with the Xbox Series X and the PS5, and both companies seek an edge over the other. Microsoft has revealed that its plans involve purchasing existing studios over making new ones; the question is, who’s next?

Of course, Microsoft doesn’t need to outright buy studios to work alongside them. Recently, the company announced a partnership with EA to bring EA Play to the Xbox Game Pass at no additional cost.

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