At IFA 2020, Miele announced a bean-to-cup coffee machine with a milk frother that’ll be a hit with latte drinkers.

Like most of us, you’ve probably brewed more coffee than usual at home over the past few months. What’s likely been missing, though, is store-quality frothed milk. Whether you opt for dairy or plant-based alternatives, lattes and cappuccinos won’t have tasted the same.

Fortunately, the home appliance brand Miele has the solution. At IFA 2020, the company showed off its latest CM6 MilkPerfection coffee machine, bringing that familiar frothy experience to coffee drinkers worldwide.

What Is the Miele CM6 MilkPerfection?

Miele CM6 MilkPerfection coffee machine

While many people enjoy an espresso or americano, plenty of coffee drinkers prefer some milk in their daily brew. Coffee stores have skilled baristas and high-end equipment to create the right amount of heat and foam for the perfect coffee. However, home-based coffee drinkers have a more challenging time getting the froth just right.

The Miele CM6 MilkPerfection is the company’s newly-announced coffee machine. For the best flavor, coffee lovers often prefer a bean-to-cup machine like the CM6, as it allows for fresher coffee, your own choice of beans, customizable strength, and up to four adjustable user profiles.

While the Miele machines are notable in their own right, the CM6 MilkPerfection caters explicitly to those who enjoy milk in their coffee. The frothing arm uses two bursts of steam in a Venturi process to simultaneously increase the milk’s temperature and generate a light, frothy texture.

Miele CM6 MilkPerfection Features

Miele coffee machine smartphone app

The machine comes with presets for 18 different beverages. While you’ll find all the standards listed, this model is the first to come with options for espresso macchiato, flat white, and teas. Each user profile can set custom water levels, temperature, and quantity of coffee ground. As these are preconfigured, it only takes a push of a button to brew your perfect coffee. Consequently, this makes the CM6 MilkPerfection particularly energy-efficient when operating in Eco mode.

Miele has equipped the coffee machine with some internet-enabled smarts, too. Using the Miele smartphone app, you can view the machine’s status, brew a coffee remotely, and adjust your personalized settings. There’s also integration with Amazon Alexa, so you can use simple voice commands to prepare your cup of java. The app’s BaristaAssistant feature can guide you through a coffee tasting session, helping you determine your perfect coffee.

Where Can You Buy the Miele CM6 MilkPerfection?

Although Miele unveiled the CM6 MilkPerfection at IFA 2020, it is not yet available to preorder or purchase. Instead, it’ll be available from select retailers later in September.

There’s no word on pricing yet. However, you should expect it to be in line with Miele’s other machines, which come in at around the $1,500+ mark.

The CM6 MilkPerfection will be available in seven colors, including Lotus white, Obsidian black, CleanSteelMetallic, and Graphite grey PearlFinish.

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