You don’t need to break the bank to get a Samsung phone with 5G support.

It’s an exciting time in the mobile world, as 5G technology is becoming more readily available. Not only are mobile carriers offering 5G capability, but smartphone manufacturers are selling devices with 5G for reasonable prices.

Samsung is no exception, as the company has just revealed the mid-range Samsung Galaxy A42 5G. We know the phone will offer the incredible speed and performance 5G brings to the table, but we’ve also learned a few more important details about it.

What We Know About the Samsung Galaxy A42 5G

While the Samsung Galaxy A42 5G was first shown off during Samsung’s Unpacked event, the company didn’t reveal very much about the upcoming mid-range phone at that time.

However, the company provided more details on, and while we don’t know all of the details about the device, we can piece together some details.

Samsung revealed that the phone will feature a new quad-camera layout. It will also come with a 6.6-inch Super AMOLED display, which is quite solid for what we expect to be a mid-range device (Samsung uses the “A” name for budget-friendly phones).

Unfortunately, outside of those details and a few basic press images, that’s all we know about the Samsung Galaxy A42 5G.

Samsung Galaxy A42 5G Availability

Unfortunately, Samsung didn’t announce a final price or release date for the upcoming Galaxy A51 5G. Instead, the company only said that the device would arrive later this year.

However, we can assume some things about the phone based on the name. First, the A42 implies that this device will be lower on the totem pole than the Galaxy A51 5G, which means it should also be cheaper. The full MSRP of that device is $499, so we expect this new Galaxy A42 5G to be somewhere below that.

Perhaps Samsung wants to let the hype about the newly-announced Galaxy Z Fold2 build, so it should provide more details soon.

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2 official

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold2 Goes on Sale September 18

Samsung isn’t teasing us anymore, as the company has made the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold2 official.

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