Spotify is rumored to be working on a new karaoke mode and offering free users to chance to listen offline.

It appears that Spotify is working on a variety of exciting new features. These include a karaoke mode, a limited amount of offline play for free users, a new car mode interface, and more.

The news of these new features comes from Jane Manchun Wong on Twitter, a technology blogger who often reveals features that are under development.

Is Karaoke Coming to Spotify?

The most exciting feature teased is a new karaoke mode. This manifests itself as a microphone button which, when tapped, displays that song’s lyrics. There is also the ability to increase and decrease the vocal volume.

While Wong’s screenshots are from the mobile version of Spotify, someone replied to her tweet to claim that they got karaoke mode working on their Mac and iPad.

Spotify often tests new features, either internally or to a select group of users. However, karaoke mode is already available to users in some countries, like Japan and Thailand, so a global rollout may not be far away.

Offline Play for Free Spotify Users

Wong also claims that Spotify is working on letting free users listen to up to 30 minutes of music offline every day.

Paid Spotify subscribers can already listen to music offline as much as they want, so this could be a ploy to persuade free users to upgrade to a premium account.

Your Episodes, Car Mode, and Other Features

These aren’t the only features that Spotify is reportedly testing right now. According to Wong, these features are also incoming:

Of course, some of these features are bigger than others, but it’s interesting to hear what Spotify has in the works.

You Can Already Sing Along to Spotify Songs

Hopefully we’ll see some of these new features pop up on Spotify soon, but there’s no indication when—if ever—they will see the light of day.

If you can’t wait for the official karaoke mode to make its debut, you could always use a third-party app instead.

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