When you have to work from home, trying to stay focused is often a challenge. Making a plan for each day is one of the best ways to stay on task. There are many apps that are made for this purpose, but Toodledo is one of the standouts. This online app is filled with great features to help you prioritize tasks and store useful information. Right now, you can pick up a five-year Plus subscription for only $69.99 at MakeUseOf Deals.

Productivity System

Rated at 4.1 out of 5 stars on Capterra, this “productivity system” helps you make sense of all the tasks and ideas spinning around in your head.

You can create tasks in seconds, and sort your list by due date, priority, status, or folder. Toodledo also lets you create custom filters, so you can always see exactly what needs doing in any given project.

The notes area provides a great place to store ideas and journal entries, while the outlines section is useful for planning projects. In addition, Toodledo lets you create custom lists and track your habits over time.

You can access Toodledo via any web browser, and there are apps to download on iOS and Android.

Five years for $69.99

Normally priced at $299.40, five-year subscriptions are now 76% off at $69.99.

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