Today, there are many apps that let you track a phone’s location. If you need a quick, feature-rich GPS tracker, Spyine could be your ideal phone monitoring solution.

Spyine at a Glance

Spyine is a powerful, well-known location tracker. The app is compatible with both Android (minimum version 4.0) and iOS devices. You can track the target device’s location from any web browser, be it your phone or PC.

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Once the app is up and running, you will receive monitoring updates straight in your online dashboard.

But why is Spyine the best GPS tracker to track a phone location for Android and iOS? Here’s the list of some of the benefits:

1. Convenience and Easy to Use

You can install Spyine via any phone or web browser. If you know how to use a browser, the app’s online dashboard will guide you with the steps to track the target’s phone location remotely.

2. No Need to Root or Jailbreak

Spyine doesn’t need you to root or jailbreak the device. This significantly reduces the complexity, and you don’t have to worry about losing the device warranty or data loss. The Android version involves a small APK download, while the iOS version is entirely web-based.

3. Reasonable Subscription Pricing

You can track a single Android or iOS device for a reasonable price. For basic monitoring, the Android version lets you monitor call logs, text messages, contacts, location, browser history, bookmarks, and more. The cost is $100/year.

On iOS, the app lets you monitor iMessages, call logs, contacts, location, photos, videos, list of installed applications, and more. The cost for the premium iOS version is $130/year. Check out the pricing page for more details.

4. Location-Tracking Features

Besides live location tracking, Spyine supports geofence mode, and it even tracks the phone’s SIM card. Here are some built-in powerful location tracking features:

  • Real-time location tracking: The app can track a phone’s location in real-time. It logs every location visit with address and pins the frequently or recently visited location.

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  • Location log: It shows you the device’s past movement history including, geographical coordinates, time and date the phone was there, and addresses.
  • 3D Street View: You’ll get a close-up view of the locations where the phone was recently pin-pointed.
  • Geofence: The app lets you create a perimeter around important locations such as a school or workplace. When the phone enters or leaves this zone, you’ll get notified. This feature is useful to keep an eye on your kids when they go out.
  • SIM card tracking: It uses the phone’s cellular connection to track the approximate location and give you details like the network operator and the IMEI number.

Getting Started With Spyine

Sign up for the account in any device of your choice. It’s easy to get started with Spyine and usually takes a few minutes. The process varies slightly depending on the operating system you’re tracking. To monitor an Android device, install the small APK file and optionally hide it from the launcher.

The iOS version is browser-based. You’ll need iCloud credentials, enabled iCloud backup (Spyine use the data from iCloud backups to share information with you), and two-factor authentication should be turned off.

While Spyine has some nice features and advanced location tracking mechanisms, here are some drawbacks of the app:

  1. You’ll have to pay a monthly subscription to use the app. For some people, it’s still a significant investment for an app.
  2. The app does not support offline tracking. If the phone you’re tracking goes offline, Spyine stops working.
  3. You may have to read the documentation and troubleshoot the problem on your own when you stop receiving the data.

Spyine Substitutes

Spyine isn’t the only solution out there. Here are some other options to consider.

Minspy: Minspy is another popular phone tracking and parental control service. It can target phone and tablets location in real-time. Like Spyine it can track calls, messages, and social media apps, and more. Geo-fencing is also supported, and you can even link it to social media apps. On the downside, Minspy needs an always-on internet connection in order to work.

Spyier: Similar kind of app with a focus on GPS and geofencing. You can view the device’s location on a 3D map and has the ability to log location pin-points precisely. Spyier is also useful for companies that want to supervise employees on company-issued devices. Again, you will need an internet connection for the app to work.

Neatspy: It can track phone location in real-time. The user interface is accessible and easy to use. Its GPS tracker ensures that the location is logged with entry time and date. You can see them remotely through your web browser.

Spyine: User-Friendly Phone Monitoring App

Overall, Spyine gives you an easy, user-friendly dashboard to remotely track and monitor the target device. While there are built-in solutions, try out Spyine to see if it works for you.

Finally, a word of warning. On Android, the app requires you to enable the Unknown Sources setting before installing Spyine. And on iOS, the app works when 2FA is disabled. Make sure you understand the security implications of those actions before making changes.

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