The Accounts Center lets you simultaneously manage your Facebook, Messenger, and Instagram accounts.

Facebook Accounts Center

Facebook has just made it easier to simultaneously manage your Facebook, Messenger, and Instagram accounts. The new Facebook Accounts Center gives you more control over your accounts on each platform.

Facebook announced that it has begun testing the new Accounts Center in a post on the About Facebook Blog. The Accounts Center is a tool that allows you to control your Facebook, Instagram, and Messenger accounts all at once.

This makes it much easier to cross-post an image to Facebook and Instagram, as well as share the same Story on both platforms. The Accounts Center also introduces Single Sign On, a feature that lets you log in or out of your Facebook, Messenger, and Instagram accounts at the same time.

If you want to have the same name across both platforms, you can easily sync your profile photo and name. This way, when you update your profile picture or name on Facebook, it’ll automatically change on Instagram.

Facebook Accounts Center Sync Accounts

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Facebook is planning to incorporate Facebook Pay in the Accounts Center sometime in late 2020. The addition of Facebook Pay will streamline the payment process on Facebook and Instagram, allowing you to make purchases and donations on both platforms.

According to Facebook, using the Accounts Center won’t change the way Facebook uses your data. The post states that Facebook will still use the information to “personalize experiences across accounts, like suggested friends and accounts to follow.”

Making It Easier to Connect Accounts

Since Facebook owns Instagram, it only makes sense to be able to connect both accounts. The Accounts Center is an entirely optional feature, but it can definitely prove helpful for anyone who wants the luxury of making quick cross-posts.

Some people might feel hesitant about taking advantage of the Accounts Center. After all, it technically allows Facebook to link your usage data for both your Facebook and Instagram accounts.

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