Mouse clicks are extremely inefficient, which is why the first thing every Gmail pro learns is how to manage everything using only the keyboard.

When these Gmail keyboard shortcuts become second nature, your productivity will skyrocket. Fortunately, there aren’t that many you need to know. The best part is, you can discover the most important Gmail keyboard shortcuts in the cheat sheet below!

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Essential Keyboard Shortcuts for Gmail

Shortcut Action
Quick Navigation
G, then A Go to All Mail
G, then C Go to Contacts
G, then D Go to Drafts
G, then I Go to Inbox
G, then K Go to Tasks
G, then S Go to Starred Conversations
G, then T Go to Sent Messages
G, then B Go to Snoozed Messages
G, then L Go to label…
Reading Messages
X Select conversation
R Reply
A Reply all
E Archive
F Forward
M Mute conversation
N Next message in open conversation
P Previous message in open conversation
S Toggle star
Z Undo last action
! Report as spam
# Delete
, (Comma) Move focus to toolbar
– (Minus) Mark as not important
= (Equals) Mark as important
; (Semicolon) Expand entire conversation
: (Colon) Collapse entire conversation
[ Archive conversation and go to previous message
] Archive conversation and go to next message
Shift + A Reply all in a new window
Shift + F Forward in a new window
Shift + I Mark as read
Shift + U Mark as unread
Shift + N Update conversation
Shift + R Reply in a new window
Shift + T Add conversation to Tasks
C Compose message
Ctrl + K Insert a link
Ctrl + M Open spelling suggestions
Ctrl + Enter Send
Shift + Ctrl + B Add BCC recipients
Shift + Ctrl + C Add CC recipients
Ctrl + B Bold
Ctrl + I Italics
Ctrl + U Underline
Ctrl + [ Indent less
Ctrl + ] Indent more
Ctrl + Remove formatting
Shift + Ctrl + 7 Numbered list
Shift + Ctrl + 8 Bulleted list
Shift + Ctrl + 9 Quote
Shift + Ctrl + E Align center
Shift + Ctrl + L Align left
Shift + Ctrl + R Align right

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