Sony’s upcoming PlayStation 5 console will have a wealth of media streaming options available from day one.

Sony has confirmed which media streaming services will be available on its upcoming PlayStation 5 console.


What Can I Stream on the PS5?

As announced on the PlayStation blog, an assortment of streaming services will be available on the PS5 when it launches in November 2020.

Those available on day one are Apple TV, Disney+, Netflix, Spotify, Twitch, and YouTube.

The blog post also mentions Amazon Prime Video, MyCanal, Hulu, and Peacock, though it’s unclear if these will be available on launch.

There will be a dedicated section in the PS5 for media entertainment. It will be accessible next to Games on the home screen.

Within the Media space, you don’t need to download apps through the PS Store like you do on the PS4. Instead, everything will be available to use immediately.

The console also features a Control Center which you can use to quickly switch channels and control your music.

ps5 media remote

Sony also confirmed that the PS5 media remote, available as a separate purchase and not included with the console, would feature dedicated buttons for Disney+, Netflix, Spotify, and YouTube.

You can use the media remote to control the entertainment on-screen and press the dedicated streaming buttons to immediately launch the respective apps.

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