Transferring data between Android and Windows 10 just got a lot easier.

If you’re always trying to copy text from your PC to your Android phone and vice versa, you’ll want to know all about an update headed to SwiftKey soon. Microsoft is updating its keyboard app to allow cross-platform copy-and-pasting.

The SwiftKey keyboard

How the New SwiftKey Clipboard Works

News of this new feature arrived on Windows Latest. Microsoft’s keyboard app, SwiftKey, will finally use the Cloud Clipboard feature from Windows 10 to create a cross-platform experience.

The Cloud Clipboard is nothing new. In fact, we published a guide to the enhanced Windows 10 clipboard back in 2018. All this update does is allow SwiftKey to see and edit the Cloud Clipboard.

To use this feature, you’ll need the beta version of the SwiftKey keyboard on Android. Once downloaded, you can sync the keyboard to your Cloud Clipboard. Now, everything you store on the keyboard on your phone is accessible on your PC and vice versa.

Share Data Swiftly with SwiftKey

After a few years, SwiftKey can finally use the Windows Cloud Clipboard and let you copy-paste data between PCs and your phone. Hopefully, this means Microsoft will add additional Cloud Clipboard functionality to its other products.

If you’ve yet to try out SwiftKey, it’s worth downloading it and trying it yourself. We even crowned it one of the best keyboards for senior use due to its handy resizing feature that helps people with bad eyesight.


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