Bursting with ideas but don’t know how to get them out? You need this novel and screen writing bundle.

Say you have a great idea for a novel or a film. Where do you start? How do you get your idea into production? Well, as with all great stories, you need to get writing. Writing isn’t always easy, even when you have a million-dollar idea.


But, with the Ultimate Creative Novel & Screen Writing Academy Bundle, you can bring your ideas to life that bit easier.

What’s in the Creative Writing Bundle?

creative writing bundle

Get your creative juices flowing with over 48-hours of creative novel and screenwriting content, covering all manner of subject areas, techniques, and expertise. Included in the course are lessons on:

  • Novel Writing Workshop
  • Young Adult Fiction Writing Workshop
  • Write Your Life Story
  • Adapting Novel to Screenplay
  • Writing for Children
  • Writing Science Fiction & Fantasy
  • Mystery Writing Workshop
  • Romance Writing Workshop
  • Screenwriting Workshop
  • Non-Fiction Writing Workshop
  • Publish Your Book Now!

In case you’re wondering, that’s a workshop on writing the mystery genre… not a mystery as to the workshop contents.



Each workshop contains multiple lessons exploring the subject area, helping you develop and hone your skills. You don’t have to take them in order, either. Delve into any course and start writing!

The Ultimate Creative Novel & Screen Writing Academy Bundle is currently available at $49.99, a 97-percent discount from each course’s total list price.

It’s Time to Start That Novel

If you feel like you have a great novel in you but aren’t sure where to start, this bundle is a great jumping-off point. It’s full of pointers and tips, with some handy novel and scriptwriting guidance from trained professionals. Sometimes, the hardest part of writing is the first sentence. Don’t let those first words stop your work of art: grab the Ultimate Creative Novel & Screen Writing Academy Bundle today.

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