A leaked trailer and an official announcement finally shed light on this mystery console.

We’ve previously seen evidence of the existence of the Xbox Series S, such as when the name was leaked on controller packaging. However, now, Microsoft has officially announced the console, along with its release date, and the $299 price tag.

The Xbox Series S Makes Its Debut

Initially, this news came to us from Twitter user @_h0x0d_, who leaked a trailer for the Xbox Series S. The trailer shows what the Xbox Series S can do, as well as revealing a $299 price tag.

However, soon after the leak, Microsoft decided to take matters into its own hands. Announcing that the company will “make it official,” the @Xbox Twitter account confirmed the price tag in a tweet. The company also revealed that the Series S will be the smallest Xbox yet.

What Was Revealed for the Xbox Series S?

While the Xbox Twitter account is holding off from revealing more information, we can still glean a lot from @_h0x0d_’s tweet. Given that Microsoft was in a hurry to officially announce the console after the leak, it’s proof that the trailer is legitimate.

The specifications from the leaked Xbox Series S trailer

The end of the trailer displays a stat card that shows off the power of the Xbox Series S. It will be a digital console, without the ability to play physical CDs to reduce costs.

The console will also handle 1440p resolution at 60FPS and comes with a 512MB SSD built-in. Most importantly, the trailer reveals the console will be released in November 2020. A specific day is yet to be revealed.

A Short Wait Until the Xbox Series S Release Date

With the combination of the leak plus the official confirmation from Microsoft, we can now piece together a lot of information about the new Xbox Series S. However, there are still a lot of questions left unanswered.

With the holiday season fast approaching, Microsoft has been drip-feeding fans with information on its new Xbox Series X. Recently, the company cleared up accessory compatibility when moving from the Xbox One to the Series X.

Products with the new Designed for Xbox seal

Microsoft Explains Xbox One to Series X Accessory Compatibility

If you can’t live without your favorite pair of headphones, you’re in luck.

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