With a steep rise in remote working all over the world, the video conferencing tool Zoom is gaining users rapidly. It enables teams to organize and conduct online meetings with ease.

If you use Zoom for remote communication, the cheat sheet below can be of great help. It contains keyboard shortcuts to help you use the Zoom interface effortlessly for group messaging and video calling.

The cheat sheet covers shortcuts for both Windows and macOS platforms. Many of the Windows shortcuts work on Linux too.

With the shortcuts listed, you can join and schedule meetings, share your screen, switch between various views, toggle various elements in the Zoom interface, and do a lot more.

(If you’re new to Zoom, you might appreciate a quick lesson on how to use Zoom for online meetings.)

FREE DOWNLOAD: This cheat sheet is available as a downloadable PDF from our distribution partner, TradePub. You will have to complete a short form to access it for the first time only. Download The Zoom Keyboard Shortcuts Cheat Sheet.

The Zoom Keyboard Shortcuts Cheat Sheet



F6Move between Zoom popup windows
Ctrl + FSearch
Alt + FEnter/exit full screen mode
Alt + LToggle between Portrait view and Landscape view
Alt + F4Close current window
Chat Controls
Ctrl + TJump to chat with someone
Alt + Shift + TTake a screenshot
Ctrl + UpGo to previous chat
Ctrl + DownGo to next chat
Ctrl + WClose current chat session
In-Meeting Shortcuts
Alt + IOpen Invite window
Alt + AMute/unmute audio
¹Alt + MMute/unmute audio for everyone except host
Alt + VStart/stop video
Alt + NSwitch camera
²Alt + Shift + SStart/stop screen sharing
²Alt + TPause/resume screen sharing
Alt + RStart/stop local recording
Alt + CStart/stop cloud recording
Alt + PPause/resume recording
Alt + F1Switch to Active Speaker view
Alt + F2Switch to Gallery view
Ctrl + 2Read active speaker name
Alt + UShow/hide Participants panel
Alt + HShow/hide Chat panel
Ctrl + Alt + ShiftMove focus to meeting controls
Ctrl + Alt + Shift + HShow/hide floating meeting controls
Alt + YRaise/lower hand
PageUpView previous page of video participants in Gallery view
PageDownView next page of video participants in Gallery view
Alt + Shift + RBegin Remote Control
Alt + Shift + GRevoke Remote Control permission


Cmd + JJoin meeting
Cmd + DSchedule meeting
Cmd + Control + VStart new meeting
Cmd + Control + SShare screen
Cmd + FSearch
Cmd + Shift + FEnter full screen mode
EscExit full screen mode
Cmd + Shift + MEnter/exit Minimal view
Cmd + LToggle between Portrait view and Landscape view
Cmd + WClose current window
Chat Controls
Cmd + KJump to chat with someone
Cmd + TTake a screenshot
Cmd + +Increase chat display size
Cmd + –Decrease chat display size
In-Meeting Shortcuts
Cmd + IOpen Invite window
Cmd + Shift + AMute/unmute audio
¹Cmd + Control + MMute audio for everyone except host
¹Cmd + Control + UUnmute audio for everyone except host
Cmd + Shift + VStart/stop video
Cmd + Shift + NSwitch camera
Cmd + Shift + SStart/stop screen sharing
Cmd + Shift + TPause/resume screen sharing
Cmd + Shift + RStart/stop local recording
Cmd + Shift + CStart/stop cloud recording
Cmd + Shift + PPause/resume recording
Cmd + Shift + WToggle between Active Speaker view and Gallery view
Cmd + 2Read active speaker name
Cmd + UShow/hide Participants panel
Cmd + Shift + HShow/hide Chat panel
³Control +Show/hide meeting controls
Option + YRaise/lower hand
Control + PView previous page of video participants in Gallery view
Control + NView next page of video participants in Gallery view
Control + Shift + RBegin Remote Control
Control + Shift + GRevoke Remote Control permission
Cmd + WPrompt to leave/end meeting
¹Shortcut is available only if you’re the host.

²Shortcut works only when meeting controls toolbar has focus.

³Shortcut is available only if Always show meeting controls checkbox is enabled under Settings > Accessibility. The checkbox is enabled by default.

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