TikTik’s new integration with Teespring will allow creators to make and sell their own merchandise.

TikTok is piloting a Teespring integration that will soon be available to more TikTok creators. This partnership lets users sell and promote their own merchandise through TikTok.

A New Way to Make Money on TikTok

When the TikTok-Teespring integration is officially launched, users will be able to design their own merchandise on Teespring, and then sell it directly to fans on TikTok.

If you haven’t heard of Teespring, it’s a marketplace that features independently-designed products, such as T-shirts, leggings, phone cases, and more. It also functions as an e-commerce platform for people who want to create and sell custom merchandise.

Sean Kim, TikTok’s head of product, commented on the future integration in a statement to USA Today, saying:

At TikTok, we’re focused on providing the best app experience for our users first and foremost. Creators are the heart and soul of TikTok and we are constantly looking for ways to bring more value and opportunities for them within our platform.

Currently, over 7,000 users are participating in the private beta. The integration won’t launch until sometime in September 2020, and there will be eligibility requirements for users who want to participate.

Teespring already partners with big brands like YouTube and Twitch. On YouTube, a creator’s Teespring merchandise appears under the video. However, the shopping layout on TikTok is still a work in progress.

Now that TikTok is teaming up with Teespring, creators will finally have a way to make money through the app itself. Most users turn to brand sponsorships to make money on TikTok, but now they won’t have to rely solely on that outlet. The Teespring partnership opens new doors for monetization, and makes it easier for creators to earn a profit.

Is Shopping on TikTok the Future?

For now, it looks like access to the Teespring-TikTok integration will be reserved for select users. There’s no word on criteria yet, but it’s possible that qualified users may need a certain number of followers to get started.


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