The platform is experimenting with a three-minute video length, which is a huge jump from its current 60-second limit.

TikTok is known for its punchy, short-form videos that are fun to replay over and over again. But now, new findings suggest that TikTok may be experimenting with a longer, three-minute video length limit.

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 Are Three-Minute Videos Coming to TikTok?

TikTok’s standard 60-second video length limit may be in for a change. Social media consultant, Matt Navarra, discovered that TikTok might be letting users create longer videos.

In his Tweet, Navarra shows a screenshot of a notification on TikTok, which outlines “early access” to three-minute-long videos. This update clearly isn’t available to everyone on the app, and it’s uncertain if it will ever be officially launched.

For now, you’ll just have to keep an eye out for longer TikToks. Since only a small group of users are able to access the new length, you just might end up coming across a three-minute video while you browse.

The Pros and Cons of Longer TikToks

If longer videos do come to TikTok, the change will likely be met with mixed feelings. TikTok made a name for itself off of one-minute clips, and a three-minute length might ruin that charm.

After all, TikTok challenges creators to make entertaining videos in such a small time frame, and that’s what makes TikTok so popular. Users can quickly scroll from one short video to the next, never losing interest. Throwing three-minute videos in the mix is like stopping traffic in the middle of a highway.

But on the plus side, a three-minute length can open the door for creators to experiment with new types of content. This might mean more in-depth tutorials and longer skits. At that point, TikTok might end up becoming a miniature YouTube.

Longer videos would also go hand-in-hand with the Learn tab that TikTok began experimenting with in November 2020. The section is supposed to be a hub for educational content, but it’s still in its testing phase. If the Learn tab ever makes its debut, creators could definitely benefit from a longer video length.

Three-Minute TikToks Might be Too Big of a Change

Let’s face it, no one likes change when it’s not needed. TikTok rose in popularity due to 60-second clips, and it’s clear that its userbase doesn’t have a problem with the current length. Sure, the short videos might be wreaking havoc on users’ attention spans, but it works for TikTok.

Going from a max length of 60 seconds to three minutes is a big leap, and TikTok users might not be ready for that change.


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