You can now snip a scene from another user’s video and include it in your own.

TikTok’s newest feature, Stitch, lets you sample videos across the platform. This gives you the ability to snip another user’s video, and then incorporate that scene into your own content.

Stitch Encourages Collaboration

TikTok is drowning in controversy, and its potential US ban looms in the near future. To make matters worse, China’s new export rules may interfere with the sale of its US assets. But despite all of these issues, TikTok is still rolling out innovative features for its fanbase.

TikTok’s Stitch feature ties the TikTok community together even more. You can now take a five-second clip from another creator, and then incorporate it into your own video.

TikTok already has Duet and React, both of which let you share the screen with another creator. And much like both features, Stitching is yet another tool you can use for collaborations.

Inserting a clip into your video lets you add to that user’s existing content. This gives you the chance to make comments about that user’s story, contribute more content, or even answer questions.

How to Use the Stitch Feature

To use the Stitch feature, head to another user’s video, and hit the “Send to” arrow. Select Stitch from the menu at the bottom of the page, and choose which scene you want to snip.

After you trim the video, you can record your own, and share the completed video. The name of the clip’s creator will appear in the caption of your video once it’s published.

If you don’t want other users to Stitch your videos, you can opt out. To do this, head to your profile, hit the three dots in the right corner of the page, and select Privacy and Safety. You can disable Stitch for all of your videos from here.

TikTok also allows you to toggle the Stitch setting on and off for individual videos before you post them.

Stitching TikTok Back Together

TikTok is letting users Stitch together scenes, but it really should be trying to “stitch” its reputation back together. The Chinese-owned app is in hot water, as it has been accused of stealing user data and posing a national security threat.

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