With the new Twitch Studio update, you can easily move panels, duplicate layers, create countdowns, and more for your stream.

Twitch Studio has been updated with a range of new features. These include the ability to control what panels display, add a chat overlay, quickly duplicate layers, and much more.


What Is Twitch Studio?

Twitch Studio is free streaming software from Twitch, available for Windows and Mac. It’s designed for new streamers so that they can quickly and simply begin streaming.

It’s easier to use than streaming software like OBS, for example. Of course, unlike OBS, Twitch Studio solely exists for people who want to stream on Twitch.

Twitch Studio guides you through the setup process and helps you customize everything about your stream.

The program is still in beta. That means that while it’s perfectly usable right now, there might still be some kinks and new features will continue to be added.

What’s New In Twitch Studio?

twitch studio

As announced on the Twitch blog, Twitch Studio has been updated with a number of new tools to help make your stream experience even better.

When streaming, you often want multiple scenes and layouts to switch between. For example, one scene could be your webcam on a backdrop, while another could be gameplay with your webcam in the corner.

One of the new features allows you to copy, paste, and duplicate layers or scenes. This means it’s much quicker to build new scenes and tweak existing ones.

Secondly, you can now add both a countdown timer and a chat overlay to your stream.

The countdown timer is great for building hype for the start of your stream, or just when you want to take a break. The chat overlay means that people’s messages appear on the screen to help them feel engaged.

Another new feature is support for dual-PC setups. Twitch Studio will now automatically detect if an NDI source is available; if it is, you can add it as a layer. This makes the process of capturing gameplay on one machine and streaming on another a breeze.

Finally, the Twitch Studio interface has been updated so that you control what panels show and where they are placed. All you need to do is drag and drop the elements to position them exactly how you want. This particular change will be rolling out in the coming weeks.

Keep Enhancing Your Streams

While Twitch is happy for you to stream on its platform using any software, it’s clear the company is making a push to become the central place for all things streaming.

Twitch continues to roll out new features, like Soundtrack by Twitch that gives streamers a curated collection of rights-cleared music.

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