After Facebook decided to take a tougher stance on Holocaust denial, Twitter has followed suit.

Just days after Facebook banned content that denies or questions the Holocaust, Twitter has followed suit. Twitter will now remove any posts that deny the Holocaust.

Twitter Bans Holocaust Denial

Twitter Takes Action on Holocaust Denial

A report on Bloomberg confirmed that Twitter is taking action on content related to Holocaust denial.

While Twitter’s rules on hateful conduct don’t blatantly address the denial of violent events, Twitter’s interpretation of those rules do. A Twitter spokeswoman told Bloomberg that any “attempts to deny or diminish” a violent occurrence, including the Holocaust, will be taken down.

The spokeswoman noted that Twitter strongly opposes anti-Semitism, and that this kind of hateful content doesn’t belong on the platform. She also stated that Twitter’s Glorification of Violence policy allows the platform to “take action against content that glorifies or praises historical acts of violence and genocide, including the Holocaust.”

Twitter’s move to ban Holocaust denial comes shortly after Facebook enforced the same rule. But unlike Facebook, it seems like Twitter’s policy addresses more than one genocide, not just the Holocaust.

Cracking Down on Hateful Content

Not only has Twitter enforced policies to block hateful content, but it’s also cracking down on misinformation. Hopefully, Twitter’s removal of anti-Semitic content and the glorification of other genocides can make the platform a much less toxic place.

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