Some iOS users will now see a prompt that asks them to read an article before Retweeting it.

Twitter Read Before Retweeting iOS

Some Twitter users on iOS will now receive a prompt when Retweeting an article that they haven’t read. This comes after Twitter began testing this feature on Android devices.

Twitter Expands Its Read Before Retweeting Test

In June 2020, Twitter introduced a notification that appears before you share an article that you haven’t opened on the platform. The prompt asks you to read the article before Retweeting or Quote Tweeting it.

Twitter has only been testing this feature on Android devices, but now, some iOS users will start seeing this prompt as well. In a Tweet, Twitter announced that it will be expanding the feature to iOS.

The platform commented that it’s “seeing promising results from this prompt.” Twitter has already announced the results of its findings on Android, and noted that users were 40 percent more likely to open articles after seeing the prompt. It also plans on making the notification smaller once you’ve already seen it once.

Twitter intends to unveil this feature to all devices in the near future. The platform hopes that this notification will stop people from sharing fake news, and will also help prevent users from making quick judgments based on an article’s headline.

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