Twitter claims that President Trump’s Tweet violates its Civic Integrity Policy.

Twitter has hidden one of US President Donald Trump’s Tweets for violating its Civic Integrity Policy. The Tweet in question mentioned the potential health danger of mail-in voting, which Twitter claims may stop people from participating in the forthcoming presidential election.

Twitter Takes on President Trump’s Tweets

Twitter has taken measures to enforce its policies on President Trump’s Tweets several times in the past. In May 2020, Twitter flagged Trump’s Tweet about the unrest in Minnesota for violating its “glorification of violence” policy.

The social media giant later attached fact-checking labels to Trump’s Tweets about voting, and even added a “manipulated media” label on a video Trump posted.

And now, Twitter has once again found that President Trump’s Tweet broke its rules. Trump’s Tweet centered around mail-in voting, and suggested that mail drop boxes “are not COVID sanitized.”

Shortly after Trump sent out that Tweet, Twitter Safety flagged and hid the Tweet. It claims that Trump’s Tweet violates its Civic Integrity Policy, and discourages people from voting.

According to Twitter’s Civic Integrity Policy page, Twitter prohibits “misleading claims about process procedures or techniques which could dissuade people from participating.” President Trump’s Tweet broke that specific rule, so Twitter took action on the Tweet.

Despite Twitter hiding the Tweet behind a warning label, you can still read it by pressing the View button on the Tweet. And while Twitter still lets you Retweet it, you’re now prevented from sharing, replying, or liking Trump’s Tweet.

Twitter Cracks Down on Misleading Information

Twitter has been criticized in the past for its lax handling of President Trump’s Tweets, and has now doubled down on rule enforcement. Facebook has also started to tackle Trump’s posts on its platform, as the social network removed one of his posts for misleading information about COVID-19.

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