You’ll soon get a notification that encourages you to read an article before you Retweet it.

Twitter Read Article Before Tweeting

Twitter is rolling out a new notification that encourages you to read an article before Retweeting it. The platform hopes that the prompt will help encourage more informed Tweeting.

Twitter Wants You to Read Before Retweeting

Since June 2020, Twitter has been experimenting with a feature that pushes users to read articles before Retweeting them. If Twitter detects that you haven’t opened the article on Twitter, you’ll get a notification that prompts you to read it.

The feature was initially tested on Android devices only, but it’s now coming to all phones around the world. Twitter shared the results of the test in a Tweet.

The platform noted that 40 percent of users opened the article after seeing the prompt, and 33 percent Retweeted the article after opening it. Some users didn’t Retweet the article after reading it, which is the kind of informed decision-making result that Twitter wanted.

Twitter also said that it’ll make the notification smaller after you’ve seen it once. This will make the prompt less annoying to users who actually know what they’re Tweeting about.

In its initial Tweet about the new feature, Twitter said that its goal is “to help promote informed discussion.” Twitter doesn’t want its users to send out Tweets based solely on the headlines of news articles. Rather, it wants users to find out the whole context of the article before jumping to conclusions.

This isn’t the only step Twitter has taken to crack down on misinformation—not only has it created an election information hub, but it also now adds context to trending topics.

Will This Prompt Really Stop Uninformed Tweeting?

Giving users a warning before Retweeting unread articles will probably help curb some uninformed Tweeting, but it definitely won’t stop it altogether. People will still send out factually incorrect Tweets regardless, which is why it’s sometimes best to leave certain users on mute.

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