Ever find yourself wasting the day in meetings that seem to achieve absolutely nothing? You’re not alone. Part of the problem is that teams often start with no clear agenda, and the conversation strays off course. Now that most meetings are virtual, there is an even greater danger of mission creep. Pinstriped is an online tool that helps you schedule and plan for meetings, helping everyone stay on task. You can currently get lifetime access for just $29.99 at MakeUseOf Deals.

Making Plans

Featured on Product Hunt and The New Web, this platform is a must-have tool for managers. Through one simple interface, you can schedule, plan, and record every gathering.

To get started, you simply pick a meeting time and enter the topics you want to cover. With one click, Pinstriped will send invites to your colleagues that include your agenda. Once you have scheduled a meeting, you can also gather files and links that are related to the discussion.

During the meeting, you can use Pinstriped to take minutes and create items for action. You get multiple templates to choose from, and you can send a follow-up email to everyone with a click.

Lifetime Subscriptions Now $29.99

Normally priced at $800.40, lifetime access to Pinstriped is now $29.99. The price includes unlimited meetings, and it’s free for anyone you invite.

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