If you’re a fan of Chrome or Firefox, be prepared for some nagging from Windows 10.

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Microsoft has been busy making Microsoft Edge the best it can be, but some people are still sticking with Chrome and Firefox. If you’re in this camp, beware; Windows 10 will soon nudge you towards its own browser.

Microsoft’s Push for Its Edge Browser

This news comes to us from Windows Latest, which spotted this change in an Insider build of Windows 10. The latest update to the Insider build tweaks the Settings header, a yet-unreleased feature where Windows 10 shares important system information along the top of the Settings window.

With this update, the Settings header receives the “Web Browsing” notification. This notification appears if you’ve set your default browser to a third-party program, such as Chrome or Firefox.

When the user clicks on the Web Browsing notification, Windows 10 informs the user that they should be using Microsoft Edge instead. The user can then click a button that automatically changes the default browser to Microsoft Edge.

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There doesn’t seem to be a way to disable this nag, which is terrible news for those who dislike Edge. Fortunately, this is only in the Insider build, so you still have some time before Windows 10 takes offense at your choice of browser.

Why Is Microsoft Pushing the Edge Browser?

This update is just part of a broader push by Microsoft to get users back onto its line of browsers. Back in the day, Internet Explorer was the prime way to surf the web; however, competitors such as Chrome and Firefox showed users what proper web browsing was like.

For a long time, the name “Internet Explorer” was synonymous with outdated, unstable, and sometimes even insecure software. As such, Microsoft ditched the Internet Explorer name and rebranded its browser as “Microsoft Edge.”

While the new name cleared the browser of its past, there was one problem: it couldn’t compete versus Chrome and Firefox. As such, in the typical fashion of “if you can’t beat them, join them,” Microsoft released a Chromium-based Edge.

Since then, Microsoft has been pushing updates to make the browser even better. Eventually, the new Chromium-based Edge outdid its legacy version, making it one of the best browser offerings from Microsoft in a long time.

As such, this is Microsoft’s best chance of regaining its browser superiority since the early Internet Explorer days. This latest push spotted in the Insider update is just a step in Microsoft’s plans to get more people using Edge.

Taking Microsoft’s Browser to the Edge

Microsoft’s new Chromium Edge browser is the company’s best offering in years. As a result, Microsoft is keen to strike while the iron is hot and convince people to move away from Chrome and Firefox and try out its revamped browser.

Of course, with so many updates arriving on Microsoft Edge, it’s worth giving the browser a try to check out its new features. For example, Microsoft recently released a sleeping tabs feature for Edge Canary.

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