You can buy one of the next-gen consoles now, if you’re willing to pay the high prices being asked.

Microsoft released the Xbox Series X and Series S consoles on November 10. And, once again, scalpers have come along and sullied the release of a new console.

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A Sellout Launch for Xbox Series X and Series S

Launch day for Microsoft’s next-gen consoles has been liberally sprinkled with the occasional disaster. Not only did Amazon state that some Xbox Series X pre-orders won’t arrive until December 31, but users experienced problems signing in to Xbox services too.

However, despite being a bit of a rollercoaster ride, the launch of the Xbox Series X and Series S couldn’t have gone better for Microsoft.

Stores sold out of consoles within minutes of sales going live. Which means that anyone who missed out will have to wait for the next wave of consoles to hit retail outlets.

Scalpers Unscrupulously Hike Console Prices

Now, being the proverbial blot on the commerce landscape that they are, scalpers have moved in quickly. You see, some of those who were lucky enough to land a launch day Series X never actually intended to play on it.

Instead, these individuals or online merchants planned to sell them at massively inflated prices, praying on the fear of missing out. And, perhaps unsurprisingly, the scalpers have already started crawling out of the woodwork.

An Xbox Series X Can Be Yours… for $1600

Yes, you read that correctly. Scalpers have arrived on Amazon already. Without launch day even having passed, we have started seeing these vendors popping up on Amazon, selling the console for upwards of $1300.

That isn’t the worst of it, though. At the top end, you can see that some of these Amazon stores are selling the Xbox Series X for $1699. This is over three times the RRP of the Series X, which stands at $499.

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Scalping Isn’t a New Phenomenon

Scalping isn’t something that has just started happening overnight. The PS3 was famously sold at ridiculous prices when it sold out on launch.

The term scalping comes from trading jargon, in which a trader will buy stocks to profit from in a very short term, usually selling them rapidly within a day and buying based upon small movements in stock activity.

It is easy to see how this term transfers to those who buy tech, knowing it is going to be in high demand within milliseconds of a device going online.

They then sell it on to make a tidy profit once the device has sold out, always at the expense of the unfortunate buyer who can’t hang on a little longer.

Don’t Buy an Xbox Series X/S From a Scalper

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If you buy from a scalper you are supporting their choice to rip people off, whether it is you they are ripping off or not.

You will end up paying over the odds for something that, if you wait a little longer, you’ll be able to buy for the recommended retail price and not have to endure any of the initial launch-day teething problems like day-one owners have.

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