Share your finest Stadia gaming moments with the new live stream to YouTube option.

If you are a Google Stadia gamer, then you will be happy to hear that you can now stream gameplay footage directly to YouTube.

stadia live streaming via youtube

Share Google Stadia Live Streams on YouTube

The Stadia cloud gaming service only started out back in November 2019, so is still a platform very much in its infancy.

The Google-owned platform promised much at launch that, up to now, it hasn’t fully delivered upon.

Now, however, it would seem that Google Stadia users can now live stream directly to YouTube; something which was very much hyped around Stadia’s 2019 release.

You can choose from a range of streaming software to livestream games, including Twitch, Mixer, and YouTube Live, but Google Stadia will only directly stream to YouTube.

How to Live Stream Google Stadia to YouTube

tom clancy ghost recon live stream

Playing Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Breakpoint last night, we noticed that Google has added an extra option to the “Live stream options”.

It currently appears in a grayed-out box, so we are expecting this feature to go live imminently.

Where you could only previously stream your Stadia via dedicated streaming software, you can now stream direct to YouTube with the click of a couple of buttons.

Be aware that you will need a Stadia Pro account in order to live stream your games directly to YouTube.

A Stadia Pro account entails a subscription fee, which is currently $10/month. However, you can sign up for a free trial and Google will give you $10 off your first game (protip – Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Breakpoint is on discount at the moment for not much more than $10).

Is Live Streaming Important for Google Stadia?

Like any other gaming service, many of Stadia’s users like to stream their games. Given that Google owns both Stadia and YouTube, we would expect this sort of cross-platform compatibility.

Now that cloud gaming is taking off, and the industry is growing, you would expect to live-stream your games so that everyone can see your footage.

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In this sense, live streaming is important for Google Stadia if it wants to keep up with competition and offer its users something of value.

With Google owning both, it makes sense that it is capitalizing on direct streaming from Stadia to YouTube.

Stream Your Stadia Games via YouTube, Now

Google Stadia controller and mobile screen

So, there you have it, you can now directly stream your Stadia gameplay straight to YouTube, with no middleman like OBS software to stand in the way with its added complications.

Now that a lot of consoles have streaming and sharing options, it is reasonable to expect cloud gaming platforms to offer the same features, just like Stadia has.


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