Are your co-workers a little too chatty during meetings? Microsoft aims to fix that.

If you like holding meetings, but you dislike people chatting away during your presentation, you may want to keep your eyes on Microsoft Teams in the future. The remote meeting service will soon let you mute chats to keep things distraction-free.

A Microsoft Teams meeting

What’s Coming to Microsoft Teams?

You can take a look at Microsoft’s plans by visiting the Microsoft 365 Roadmap. You can check out the planned, released, and in-development features Microsoft has designed for its products.

There’s a lot of planned features for Microsoft Teams, but one that’s particularly of note is Feature ID 67175:

Microsoft Teams: Meeting chat moderation settings. Meeting organizers can now turn off the chat functionality during a meeting, which is turned on by default.

This feature is currently marked as “In Development,” with a release date planned for November 2020. As such, it’s not long until you can have peace during your presentation.

When the update does arrive, it’ll complement nicely with Microsoft’s spotlight update for Teams. You’ll be able to control who can talk and when for a more directed, professional meeting.

Making the Most of Microsoft Teams

As the battle between remote meeting services heats up, Microsoft is keen to make Teams the best option available. With this new mute feature, Microsoft is keeping pace with its rivals.

If this sounds like a feature you’d want in your next meeting, but you’re unsure if you’re going to make the jump from your current software, it’s worth doing the research. For instance, there’s a lot to consider if you’re jumping from Slack into Microsoft Teams, as they’re two very different beasts.


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