Meet Now is the quick and easy way to create a remote meeting, and Microsoft is making it even faster.

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With the world now working remotely as much as possible, Microsoft is designing new features for Windows 10 to help make working from home more comfortable. The company announced an update for Windows 10 that will make it easier to access Skype Meet Now.

What Is Skype Meet Now?

If you’re unsure what Meet Now is, it’s Skype’s new way of helping people connect. Meet Now lets you talk to people over Skype, even if your recipient doesn’t have a Skype account or have Skype downloaded.

As such, the focus of Meet Now is to speed up the process of making a meeting. All you need to do is send a link, and everyone can join the meeting in their browser without making an account, downloading a program, or adding friends.

Skype is not Microsoft’s only entry in the remote working world. The company also has its home-made Microsoft Teams, which it regularly updates with features such as spotlighting people.

As such, with this update, Microsoft is covering two bases. Skype acts as the quick-and-easy app for small and casual meetings, while Teams is more for high-end professional establishments.

How Microsoft Is Bringing Skype Meet Now to Windows 10

To further speed up the process of getting into a Skype meeting with people, Microsoft is adding a Skype Meet Now button to the taskbar. Microsoft revealed this feature on Windows Blogs, which also goes into detail on how the button works.

You can use the button to either start or join a meeting. When you start a session, all you need to do is copy the given link to your recipients and you’re ready to go.

If you’re joining a meeting, you can do so by pasting the invitation link into the Meet Now app. This will automatically connect you to a voice call without any downloads or accounts required, although you do get a moment before joining to ensure you’re looking your best.

Making a Meeting in Just a Few Clicks

In a post-pandemic world, companies are striving to make remote meetings as easy as possible. Skype Meet Now makes it so easy, you don’t even need an app or an account; however, is this convenience enough to help Microsoft win out above Zoom and other competitors?

With so many different remote working apps vying for your attention, it can be hard to choose just one. For example, the very topic of Skype vs. Zoom needs an in-depth analysis all by itself.

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