As Aguilera details, “Reflection” has a “huge, wide range,” so she recorded herself singing Whitney Houston‘s “Run to You” in her bathroom and sent that executives.

“The next day, I get a phone call back from the Disney people saying that they want me to come fly out to L.A., like the next day, and audition,” she continues. “So, I did that and I got the job, like right on the spot.”

Not only did Aguilera land “Reflection,” she also scored her record deal that same week.

Next up, the E! clip delivers a revamped Destiny’s Child, having previously been a foursome vocal group. In the footage above, Beyonce Knowles, alongside Kelly Rowland and Michelle Williams, expresses excitement to be performing alongside ‘N’Sync, Sisqó, Pink and others at Fox’s Summer Music Mania.

“For us to be on the same stage with all of those wonderful artists, says a lot,” Jay-Z‘s future wife relays. “And that audience, that crowd, that’s like the best crowd we’ve had in so long. Gosh, it was wonderful!”

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